LED Downlights vs. Conventional Halogen Downlights

LED Downlights vs. Conventional Halogen Downlights

New lighting can change the whole ambiance of your home or the given space. Whether you’re building, renovating, sharing a room, an instant freshens up; new lights are essential for improving how it feels in every corner. The biggest frustration with the conventional halogens is that the power consumption is very high, and regular replacement … Read more

How To Make Black on LED Lights

how to make your own color on led lights

LEDs are the hot new thing in home decor, but have you ever wondered if they should be used for something other than just lighting? This article will teach how to make your own black light using LED strips. After reading this guide and doing some simple handiwork with basic tools like screwdrivers or pliers … Read more

Replacing Fluorescent Light Fixture With LED

replacing fluorescent light fixture with led

If you have fluorescent fixtures and are eying the cost- and energy-savings of switching to LED lighting, you’ll find there are two paths you can take: convert your existing fixtures to work with LED or replace those fixtures with new LED fixtures. But within those paths are a number of options, depending on the type … Read more

The Power of a 3 Way Light Switch

3 way switch wiring diagram power at light

This article will discuss the power of a three way light switch, which can be helpful for homeowners. Three way switches are able to control the lights in two different rooms from one location. Three-way wiring is needed to make this work; if you don’t have it yet, please hire an electrician! In this light … Read more

2700K vs 3000K Lights: How to Choose The Right Color Temperature For Your Space

2700k vs 3000k

The color temperature of a light bulb can be measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Typically, the lower the number, the warmer and softer the lighting. For example, 2700K lights are perfect for living rooms, while 3000K lights are better suited to kitchens or other spaces that require more natural light. With so many options out … Read more

What Type of Track Lighting Am I Using?

track lighting types

Track lighting is a classy and modern way to add ambiance, but it can be difficult for some people who aren’t familiar with the nuances. Is track head interchangeable? The short answer: yes! We often get inquiries about this common question, so we’ll cover all bases here in our article on Track Lighting Heads Interchangeability … Read more

Electricity and Energy Terms – J, kW, kWh, Lm/W – LED Lights

joules vs watts

Understanding the terminology of energy is key to picking out efficient lighting. A great resource for learning about this topic would be Understanding Energy-Efficient Lighting, where you can find five ways that lighting impacts your electric bill and 10 different types of bulbs on offer! This article will help provide clarity around some complicated concepts … Read more

How To Bypass Ballast For LED Tube

how to bypass a ballast to install led tubes

T8 Retrofitting Made Easy The LED tube light retrofitting process involves installing an energy-saving, long-lasting fluorescing by replacing your old T8 fluorescent lamps. Why should You Bypass the ballast? Many people are not aware that the ballast supplies a fluorescent lamp with an initial spike of high voltage. Once on, the ballast acts as both … Read more

How Do Neon Lights Work

how do neon signs work

A neon sign is an entirely different type of light display. It consists of a glass tube, filled with small amounts so-called “low pressure” gas Neon that has been chosen for its noble status as well as being one devoid or full electron shells which means it doesn’t react readily enough against other elements and … Read more

Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Illumination With LED Parking Lot Lights

led pole lights for street lights

Whenever someone visits a commercial site or business establishment, the parking lot is the first thing a visitor notices. Parking lots are supposed to be safe and brightly illuminated for visitors and vehicle owners. A research paper from the Lighting Research Center notes that LED parking lot lights have improved uniformity in light distribution for … Read more