LED Mirrors: A Brief Introduction

led vanity mirrors for bathroom

LED vanity mirrors have grown to be everyone’s favorite bathroom fixture in recent times. They are a great addition to make your interiors look ravishing. Moreover, they provide an illuminated gateway to you to see your reflection. So, consider adding them to your indoors but, know about the basics before purchasing LED mirrors. What are … Read more

How Can Hotels Save On Energy Costs?

best hotel lighting fixture

One of the fastest-growing costs in the hotel industry is energy. From the moment they pull into the parking lot or garage to the moment they step into the lobby, lighting can make or break a guest’s experience. Unfortunately, guests are the top energy consumers when it comes to hotel lighting, yet they are unconcerned … Read more

What Are the Advantages of Tunable White Lighting?

white led lights for room

You may wish to adjust the lighting in your house, workplace, or business site for various reasons. Many people expect to adjust the lighting to some level, as the number of techniques to control lighting has grown with increasing tunable products like LED Light Strip with Remote. This is not only convenient, but it also … Read more

Fact or Fiction – Does LED Lights Produce Heat?

do led lights get hot

It is essential to remember that LED lights consume less energy than traditional light sources and are much more efficient. In addition, LED lights to remain cool when touched unless they are IR LEDs (infrared).  The infrared radiation heats the surroundings and fixture cage of the light sources. Even though LED lights generate heat, it … Read more

5 Best LED Strip Lights With Remote Control

LED Strip Lights With Remote Control

Many people find that they are similar when it comes to investing in remote control for your LED strip lights. But what’s not so similar is the variety of different light strips you can use with them and which ones will work best based on your needs! The best way I’ve found to simplify this … Read more

Top 10 Best Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

The battery-operated under cabinet light is the perfect match for those who want a quick and easy source of task lighting with an affordable price tag. They provide enough brightness that won’t break your wallet, plus they’re simple to install! One thing you should know, though: batteries don’t last forever, so if this style of … Read more

Top 5 Best Ring Lights in USA

Top 5 Best Ring Lights in usa

Improvement of image quality by 30-40% rings lights have been widely used in social media and Youtube to enhance the appearance. The light is diffused around you, which makes your videos or photos look more professional even if they were taken with a beginner camera! In this article, we’ll present some best ring lights available … Read more

Lighting Under Cabinets: How to Pick the Best?

under cabinet lighting

How to transform a dull and shadowy kitchen into a well-lit and vibrant space? These lights are cost-friendly and easy to install. LED under cabinet lighting brightens the kitchen counter space, and they are practical when it comes to using them. Earlier, people used to purchase fluorescent light fixtures, which consume a lot of energy … Read more

LED Lights Behind Your TV

LED Lights Behind Your TV

I’ve got a wall-mounted TV in my bedroom. One of the first things I did was add LED light strips behind it! And, since adding these to both our living room and dining area last year for movie watching or gaming sessions on an evening binge-watching DesignOps videos (don’t judge), they’ve quickly become one of … Read more

10 Best LED Lights For Your Room

10 Best LED Lights For Your Room

You’ve found the best way to make your room uniquely yours! One of my favorite things about lighting is that there are so many affordable and easy ways you can go for it. To start, all LED lights to last much longer than traditional bulbs- meaning less maintenance on their part (and a better life … Read more