5 Best Ice LED Lights In USA

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Photographers have been using the Ice Light for a while now, and it’s still one of their favorite lighting tools. Whether you’re working at home or on location, this little light packs some serious power in its compact design!
It doesn’t matter if your subject is sitting right next to an open window–the combination between cool white heads up LEDs combined with flexible arm gives even difficult shots perfect detail without any shadows getting lost a long way as other continuous lights can sometimes do when they’re too big/hard-looking against backgrounds which often happen outside during summer months anyway.

What is Ice Light photography?

Ice Light photography is the art of creating dynamic, beautiful images that capture a moment in time. This new and exciting niche takes advantage of light differently from other types of photos because it’s not just about capturing an image with this technique; instead, they want viewers to feel as though they’re experiencing what their subjects are feeling at every second while looking through them!
A few techniques used by IceLight photographers? – Exposing film/digital sensors at various shutter speeds (easing you into your destination)


Product Name




Westcott Ice Light 2


YONGNUO YN360III PRO YN360 III PRO LED Video Stick Ice Light 2.4G Remote Control Touch


YONGNUO YN360 III YN360III Upgraded LED Video Light 3200K-5600K Bi-Color Handheld Photography Ice Light


Hagibis RGB Handheld LED Video Light Wand Stick Photography Ice Light


Handheld Light Wand, RGB LED Video Light 16 Million Colors, Tube Light for Photography Light Stick


History of the Ice Light

Ever since Ice Light was first released in 2012, it’s quickly become a favorite light source for on-the-go photographers and videographers. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery which provides plenty of power when needed with up to 8 hours of use from just one charge! This long handheld unit has made lighting easier than ever before; all you need now are some daylight balanced lights (or any type) that will give off natural sunlight quality studio shots even if taken outdoors where there aren’t so many sources close at hand like old street lamps or buildings near shorelines do oftentimes provide enough hot-spotting opportunities throughout town.


Best uses

When the Ice Light is used in these specific situations, its long shape can function like a strip light. The larger your subject is to compare with this smaller source of illumination-the softer and more flattering their features will look as if they’re swimming against an oceanic horizon or sitting on top of mountaintops while fires burn below them (and everything else).

Achieving dramatic lighting

The Ice Light makes for a dramatic photo with deep shadows.
It’s best to use two lights or one light and reflector if you want your images evenly lit from all angles, though!

When you don’t have a knowledgeable photo assistant

The Ice Light has a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to operate. With three simple buttons, an on/off switch, and two for increasing or dimming the light intensity, it takes less time with this type of equipment compared to strobes because you don’t have to spend as much energy futzing around when trying to figure out what setting works best; even Average Joes can be used in order make your photography work easier!

When you need continuous lighting

The Ice Light’s ability to emit continuous lighting rather than strobes is a big advantage for videographers and media specialists. By using this product, you won’t need to constantly adjust your camera settings or deactivate an active light source to get that perfect daylight balance!

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