Top 10 Best Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

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The battery-operated under cabinet light is the perfect match for those who want a quick and easy source of task lighting with an affordable price tag. They provide enough brightness that won’t break your wallet, plus they’re simple to install! One thing you should know, though: batteries don’t last forever, so if this style of the fixture will be used as more than just emergency duties (i.e., cooking), then plan ahead – disposable or recharged?
“That’s not sayin’ about BATTERY OPERATED LIGHTS,” umm okay, maybe it was?”

What to Look for In a Battery Operated Under Cabinet Light

Longevity is certainly a focal point, but there are a few other characteristics that are important too.

  • Lifetime
  • Size
  • Style
  • Color Temperature
  • Light Output
  • Ease of Installation

30 LED Under Counter Closet Lighting, Cabinet Light Battery Powered Operated Light, LED Motion Sensor

30 LED Under Counter Closet Lighting LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light Battery Powered Operated Light

One of our most common under cabinet lighting fixtures is the stick light. This style comes in a longer fixture, about 8″ to 20″, and can be installed anywhere from the front portion under your cabinets for ample amounts of task lighting; they also come with battery operated options, so it’s perfect if you don’t want an electrical wire running through or near any area where there will be cooking activity happening on site!


Portable chargers are an easy way to keep your lights charged and ready for any occasion. You can charge them using a wall outlet or USB connection, so there’s no need to fret about finding that perfect PowerPoint!

LED Strip Light Motion Activated, Megulla Motion Sensor Night Light-39in

Motion Activated LED Strip Light, Megulla Motion Sensor Night Light-39in, USB Rechargeable Battery, Stick Anywhere, Optional Timer- for Stairs, Under Cabinet

Motion sensor lights are perfect for those who want their lighting to be hassle-free and don’t want the trouble of having to turn on an old-fashioned incandescent light. With these, walk by or make a gesture with your hand! Motion sensors also work well in places like laundry rooms because they can conserve energy by only coming on when you need them; this is especially helpful if there’s limited outlet space where these would otherwise go. As if that wasn’t enough already, under cabinet recessed lighting has low/high intensity (depending) and different color temperatures.

Tap Light, Push Lights, Stick on Lights Battery Included, LED Puck Lights, Night Touch Light

Tap Light, Push Lights, Stick on Lights Battery Included, Night Touch Light, LED Puck Lights

You might not know that the color temperature of our lighting matters more than we think. I recently spoke to a woman who was adding a white kitchen backsplash, and she got pink tones in it due to warm/neutral LED light bulb temperatures (in this case, 3500K). Small scenarios like these play a subtle role by showing us how important the hue actually is; if you want an idea of what kind would work better for your space, check out these recommendations from Designers Handbook! For most spaces, they recommend 4000k or 5000K lights which will give off less heat – but still look clean without being too cold looking either way.

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights, Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting, 6 Pack with Remote & Batteries

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights 6 Pack with Remote & Batteries | Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting | Under Counter Lights for Kitchen, Pantry, Sink

The best way to get a great lighting effect in your home is by using remote-controlled LED lights. They can be used with the puck, strip, and stick fixtures as well! What’s even better? You don’t need any wiring knowledge because they’re all battery-operated – just purchase some easy installation kits from our website today for $5 each (including shipping).


Velcro is a great way to attach and detach your puck lights from surfaces. You can also use velcro as an easy switch when changing out batteries, which will save you time in between uses!

POWER PRACTICAL Luminoodle – Click LED Light Strip for Shelves, Under Cabinet Lighting

POWER PRACTICAL Luminoodle Under Cabinet Lighting – Click LED Light Strip for Shelves, Kitchen Cabinets, & Furniture

Under-cabinet LED lighting is a popular choice for kitchens. The battery-operated strips are easy to install and functional with an attached remote or motion sensor, but they can get lost easily, so you might want one that has a memory function instead of just on/off control buttons if your intention was originally something more permanent like brick-and mounting holes may vary depending upon what type of surface attaches them securely onto in addition their needs be enough space behind each light.

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Under Cabinet Light, Battery-Powered Lights, 4 Pack with 2 Remote Controls

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Under Cabinet Light 4 Pack with 2 Remote Controls, Battery Powered Lights, Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting, Touch Light

Install your new battery-operated wireless lighting system in seconds with either heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws. These lights are perfect for any room of your house, including kitchen pantry closet, office garage bedroom!

With the ability to remotely turn on and off your lights and adjust their brightness at any level you want with just one click! It also comes equipped with an auto-off timer so that they will be out when it is time for sleep.

The optional Auto-Off Timer is perfect for those who want their lights to turn themselves off in 15, 30, or 60 minutes. You can also set it so they will shut down after 120 minutes of not being used! The tap light on these glasses makes turning these settings easy as well because you don’t have to worry about getting close enough when applying pressure with your fingers against any part near where eyes would be if wearing them, which means no more snags from trimming threads while trying not to miss anything either.

The 80 Lumens per Light is super bright and long-lasting. In addition, the 3000K warm white glow will keep you safe while the LEDs never need replacement!

The 100-hour run time on this LED Light is 4x longer than other lights! You can use it with 3 AA batteries (not included), so your lamps will never die during an important project again.

Under Cabinet Lights Wireless,Slim, Rechargeable Motion Sensor, 39 LEDs Dimmer Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lights Wireless,Slim 39 LEDs Dimmer Under Cabinet Lighting,Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light Indoor,Closet Lights Battery Operated

Under-cabinet lights that are built to last, with a high-quality LED design and functionality you can trust. Every undercabinet Light is equipped with 39-pcs 4014 SMD led chips for bright lighting performance in any environment; no flickering or UV radiation exposure like other brands offer!

Elegant and sleek, eye-caring Tech under cabinet lighting is the perfect solution for your home. The newest led technology adopts the latest edge-emitting light that provides a bright yet uniform shine without being too dazzling or unevenly applied to every corner of an area; it also has a step-less dimming memory function so you can easily adjust its brightness from 10% up until 100%.

The Sense and Simplicity- Aesthetic design of the under cabinet light is based on ergonomic ellipse shapes. The thicknesses are only 0.34 inches, which makes it easy to install without being visible or giveaways that there’s anything behind your countertop(s). It has hidden functions with no screws seen anywhere; instead, relying completely upon its transparent lampshade made from ABS plastic – providing strong strength while also transmitting lights well enough so you can see what color temperatures various lamps offer at any time!

With the intelligent dual-mode sensor, wireless under cabinet lights can detect human activity but will only shine bright when it is dark out so as not to waste energy. After being triggered by motion within 10ft(3m), these fixtures automatically turn on and off again within 20 seconds without any additional presses needed from you! There are four different modes: 1) Always On mode – this setting ensures that no matter what time of day or Night comes around; 2 Night Mode, which helps reduce brightness levels at Night.

The built-in magnet will keep your lights attached to any surface, whether it’s an ironing board or not. You can also use double-sided 3M tape and sheets of paper for more permanent fixtures that won’t move around when you need them most! Plus, four extra stickers are provided just in case; eight total, which is enough coverage against anything at alight needs – even if there were six rooms with these types H Romanialighting!”

We are here to provide you with first-class service, ensuring that all of our products meet the highest quality standards. We will go through an inspection before they’re shipped out so as not to disappoint customers when they receive them – this is because we rely on excellent product design and trustworthy suppliers who stand by their workmanship 100%. If there are any problems or issues after the installation has been completed, don’t hesitate to call us!

Nicous Closet Lights Motion Sensored, Built-in 3-LED Lighting, Under Cabinet Lights Wireless Rechargeable

Nicous Closet Lights Motion Sensored, Under Cabinet Lights Wireless Rechargeable, Built-in 3-LED Lighting Effects, 15.8 in Extra Long

The new CAT’S EYE SHAPE LED lights from NICOUS 2022 will make your closet look like the ER from Star Trek. These batteries are 4X brighter than normal ones, so you can see everything in there clearly without any confusion about what clothes go with which shoes! Plus, these waves give off a romantic feel that’s perfect for those late-night shifts when all we want is someone by our side.
Featuring three upgraded CATS’EYEshaped LEDs – presenting wave effects as they get closer to walls or obstacles; this cat-eye shape makes them more visible at Night while also functioning perfectly well during Daytime hours.

The 3 adjustable modes of this under cabinet light are ON / OFF and Auto. In the “Auto” mode, it will turn on within 10ft/120° if there is motion detected or stay awake for 15 seconds without any activity before turning itself off again. You can choose between these two options by pressing one button on either side; simply press down once to turn your lights up bright (like what you would see in an airport), twice more times lower them into darkness levels suitable at night time driving conditions.


With the built-in 1100mAh battery, our wireless rechargeable closet lights can last up to 6 hours at (ON) mode and 2 weeks in sensor mode.

The built-in strong magnetic, stick-on closet light has two installation ways. You can easily attach the cabinet lights to any ironwork surface and peel off 3M adhesive tape when charging or changing place!

This motion-activated LED closet light is a great option for any room in your home. It can be placed in bedrooms, closets, cabinets, and garages or staircases to provide an extra bit o’ illumination when needed! The remote control allows users ultimate flexibility with their lighting needs – no more turning on/off fixtures manually all day long!.

6 Pack, 20 -Led Battery Operated Lights, Remote Control Under Cabinet Lights, Wireless Under Cabinet

Remote Control Under Cabinet Lights 6 Pack, 20 -Led Battery Operated Lights Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Led Closet Light

The remote control and dimmable lights will make your closet look great for any occasion. With the ability to turn them on/off, adjust brightness (10 different levels), change colors between warm white cool white soft lighting modes with three options in each category – you’re sure to find something perfect!

The 3 color modes and high brightness of these led closet lights can meet most people’s requirements. The 20 pcs bright 2835 LED source includes 10 LEDs warm white Light, which emit 80lm luminous flux to illuminate your darkness perfectly well; plus there are also 2 options for you: either just use it as white or combine both colors (warm & cool) together by pressing their respective button on the remote control!

With two control methods, remote and touch-sensitive switches, you can turn on/off your lights with ease. In addition, the battery-operated wireless under cabinet light comes equipped with 4Pcs AAA 1.5V batteries (Not included) that are easily replaced when needed without having to open up any circuit boards or mobility device!

The magnetic strips are easy to install. No tools are required! Just stick them on any metal surfaces, and they’ll hold tight. The perfect interior accent light that can be placed anywhere in your home without cords or wires getting tangled up with other clutter – especially great for kitchens where there is limited space between shelves above cabinets as well as closets and attics all across America who want some extra illumination during nighttime hours due.

The 6 x under cabinet lights, 1 remote controller (by 2pcs AAA), and other accessories come in this package. With the help of our special design, you can easily install these devices without any difficulty or problem whatsoever! You will find that they are very efficient at illuminating your kitchen area, so it’s easy for people working there during night hours to see what they’re doing even if there isn’t much natural Light coming into those corners yet – no more bumping Into things when walking down narrow passages between cupboards because we’ve got lighting right outside each door.

LED Closet Lights Under Cabinet Lighting, Motion Sensor Light, 21 LED Battery Operated Lights

LED Closet Lights Under Cabinet Lighting, 21 LED Battery Operated Lights | Motion Sensor Light | Cabinet Light Stick On Lights Kitchen Lights

Motion sensor lights are a great way to make sure your closet is well lit when you need them, without having the hassle of turning on an overhead light. They will automatically turn off after 20 seconds if there’s no movement detected in dark areas and emit bright LED illumination instead!

The ULTRA-BRIGHT & Long Life -120 LUMENS,21 pcs Super bright LED lights will provide excellent illumination and more extensive coverage. They are capable of reaching up to 26 feet away with 100° detection angle (or 60 inches wide)!

The wireless LED lights are a great way to have hands-free Light anywhere in your home or office. The 3 modes give you convenience and safety, which can be powered by three AAA batteries (not included) if needed!

With the easy-to-install Under Cabinet Lights, there is no need for hard wiring or drilling into your cabinets! Just place them on any flat surface near where you want Light and watch as they stick securely with their built-in magnet. Not only does this save time, but it also makes it much more importantly safety hazard-free too, since everything can be done without coming out from behind walls.

Multiple Uses! The 15-Lights can be used in any room that needs some extra light. It’s perfect for closets, cupboards, and hallways, but it won’t work well if you need to turn your lights on while there is already an ample amount of natural sunlight coming through the window or door because then the sensor will detect too much brightness which turns off these beautiful little gadgets (Don’t worry though -they still come with batteries).

How long Does It Take to Recharge LED Lights?

Thank you for your question. Desk lamps are a great way to save space and provide lighting at night, but they often don’t last as long on batteries due to their low energy consumption rate (meaning more charges). This depends largely on what you’re using: if it has high power requirements, then expect less from each charge-hour than something like an LED light fixture which will still shine bright with only one or two hours of use per day!

It usually takes between 2 – 6 hrs depending on how much juice needs charging into them; however, this varies greatly depending upon the lamp model, so do check specs before buying.

How to Position Under Cabinet Lights

It is important to maximize the light output from your fixtures by placing them in strategic locations. To do so, you’ll need some tricks of the trade!

Puck Lights

If you have an open floor plan kitchen and your cabinets are against the back wall, then there’s a chance that most of it will be in shadow. To avoid this problem with puck lights placed under each cabinet to light up everything on display above-fold down surfaces like dishwashers or ovens – don’t forget about them! Place one at eye level over the top as well for good measure so shoppers can see what they’re getting before making their selections from among those products available here today.”

Strip Lights

Place your strip lights, so they run from left to right or right along an upper cabinet bank. I like them a few inches back off the front lip, but you may prefer having it centered and less direct if that works better for what type of task lighting is needed in your space!

Stick Lights (Linear Lighting)

There are many options when it comes to sticking lights, but they all have one thing in common: they’re perfect for illuminating the top of your cabinets. For installation purposes, you might like them 1 inch or 2 inches back, depending on what look and feel you want. This will help diffuse any heat generated by a light fixture as well!

Is Under Cabinet Lighting Worth It?

You might think your recessed ceiling lights are good enough, but as someone who’s spoken to hundreds of people about lighting and installed under cabinet installations for them too – it is well worth the time investment. With modern LED technology becoming more mainstream in homes today, you don’t need incandescent bulbs any longer!

What are the benefits?

  • Increased workspace illumination
  • Pleasing at night
  • More control (style, dimming, color temperatures)
  • LED lights are small and compact
  • Generate less heat
  • Are easy to install with a plug-in adapter or batteries
  • Provide directional lighting
  • Instant-on (no warm-up time)

How Long Do Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lights Last?

You might be surprised to know that battery powered under cabinet lights can last up to 100 hours. However, this will depend on how often you use your light(s). If turned off for 3 hours per day, they may only last 30 days before going out in one month! Make sure when not in the room with them switched OFF at all times. Otherwise, their batteries will drain quickly and leave you without any illumination during nighttime cooking sessions. Of course, there’s an outlet nearby, by which case these devices make perfect substitutes (and save energy too!).

The type and size of the light fixture can impact battery life. Some brands, like Luminoodle, claim 100 hours or 72 hours on a single charge with their fixtures depending upon the model you buy – but always double-check this when shopping for yourself!

If looking into battery-powered lights, it’s important to determine if your chosen brand has listed an estimated lifetime before purchasing batteries so as not to end up disappointed later down the line (and wasting money)!

The best thing about battery-powered under cabinet lights is just that, the batteries. Having wireless lighting provides more options for kitchens and bathrooms to be lit up at night without having cords running all over your house or tripping hazards with light switches! However, it can also create some limitations when deciding what kind of installation you want – do I need something small enough so as not to interfere too much? Do most people have room on their countertops available during the cooking time? These questions should go through any professional before purchasing one, though because there may already exist another solution out there waiting (wireless).

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