Benefits of LED Pole Lights: Commercial Application

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Prioritizing customer and employee safety should be the topmost plan for any business establishment. Parking lots are the first space where a customer or a team member parks their vehicle. The individuals can navigate through the exteriors easily if the parking lot is well lit. 

LED pole lights are suitable for exteriors as they well-lit the premises in the night hours. In addition, efficient parking lot lights make the business establishment welcoming for visitors and reduce the maintenance requirements of the parking space.

LED parking lot lights are mainly mounted on the top of the pole at a standard height of 15 feet to 40 feet and brighten wide-open areas. In addition, the high-quality light sources bring down the annual utility bills of any business establishment by 50%. Upgrading to LED pole lights delivers numerous benefits to the facility managers.

Which option is the best, LED pole lights or high-intensity discharge (HIDs)?

The lumen package of the LED pole lights easily matches the HIDs. The LED pole lights are energy-efficient and consume less amount of energy when compared to HIDs.


The quality of brightness is superior, and there is no requirement for regular maintenance when LED pole lights are installed. In addition, the LEDs come with dimming capabilities with which you can control the brightness required for the premises.

How to estimate the budget for outdoor lighting?

There is no real need to take an estimate of the outdoor lighting requirement. Instead, create a plan first and determine how many light fixtures are required for your premise. Then, consult and light professional, and you can quickly get an estimate regarding the budget.

The use of retrofit kits

You can always purchase new poles or retrofit the existing ones if they are in good condition. The kit contains everything you need to replace the conventional lights.

Retrofitting can be a difficult task, so please consult a light professional before upgrading your premises. However, the efficiency of the old fixtures gradually increases with the introduction of LED retrofits. In addition, retrofits do cost less than new installations.

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