Benefits of Warehouse Lighting

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LED warehouse lights are used for large spaces like warehouses,  gymnasiums, sports complexes, etc. The warehouse light fixtures not only brighten the floors but also improves productivity among the employees. 

There are a lot of factors to be considered when choosing industrial warehouse lighting for the workplace. Poor lighting brings fatigue and causes migraines for the employees. LED high bay lights to decrease the chances of health hazards and the safety of the employees. 

Comparing with the high-intensity discharge (HID) and fluorescent lamps, LED high bay lights to distribute uniform brightness to the given area. They are far more power-efficient and generate less heat when used continuously. 

Let’s now discuss the usefulness of warehouse lighting.

Energy savings – LED lights consume 90% less energy when compared to conventional fixtures. 

Cost – The prices of the LED high bays are meager nowadays. Now is the perfect time to make the purchase. 

Rebate eligibility – Due to standard certifications like Energy Star, UL, and DLC, the high bay lights are eligible for discounts by power companies in many states. 

Designs – The LED lights are sleek and compact. They provide a modern aesthetic look inside the warehouses. 

Easy to install – The lights are not only power efficient but easy to install. The requirement of a lighting professional is less as compared to traditional fixtures. 

Eco-friendly – The warehouse light fixtures made of LED technology are free from harmful toxins like mercury, lead, etc. They are the safest light fixtures in the market.

Warranty – LED warehouse lights mostly come with a 5-year warranty period or more due to their efficient endeavor. 

Low maintenance – With LED lights, the requirement of regular maintenance decreases by 90% due to their efficiency. 
Height – The LED UFO lights are needed to be recessed from a standard height of 10 Feet to 40 Feet for optimum luminosity.

Space usage

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The foot-candle is defined as 1 Lumen per square foot. The unit is used to determine the lighting layout. To create better lighting and ambiance, LED high bays are used in the various business units. 

Areas of application Foot-candles required
Sports and retail80-100
Manufacturing house60-80
Storage space30

Lumen requirement

The Wattage and Lumens are depended on the usage of the space. Therefore, the more is the area, the more Lumens required. 

Height requirementLumens
12-15 Feet10000-15000
15-20 Feet16000-20000
25-35 Feet33000

The ideal spacing of lighting fixtures

It all depends on the foot candles, the height of the fixture, and the beam angle.

15 Feet12 Feet bright light and 15 Feet normal
20 Feet15 Feet bright light and 18 Feet normal
30 Feet20 Feet bright light and 25 Feet normal

Correlated color temperature (CCT)

The Kelvin is the measurement of light temperature, whether it’s cool or warm. 

TemperatureAreas of application
3000 KRestaurant or church
4000 KOffice space
5000 KAuditoriums, ballrooms, and large spaces
5700 KThe light is not recommended by American Medical Association (AMA) due to health hazards.

Types of warehouse lights

Linear lights are Great for the aisle part of the warehouse.

Corn bulbs and retrofits are great for the up-gradation of light fixtures inside the warehouse or large spaces.

Wall lights are small lights that work as an additional part of the warehouse. 

UFO LED high bays are great for open areas inside the warehouse. 

Last but not least, the use of motion sensors helps by cutting down the power usage when there is no traffic inside the warehouse. The sensors cut down on power usage when no one is present on the spot. Therefore, it helps to save on power consumption and reduces the monthly budget of the commercial space. 

LED light fixtures can either be used as complete fixtures or as retrofits. They consume less energy than other light sources while emitting similar Lumens and operational for more extended periods. They can have a life span of more than 50,000 hours. 

There are numerous advantages to using LED fixtures over traditional high bay lighting options. The commercial sector benefits mainly from the use of LED high bay lights present inside the premises. In addition, it means you can have a powerful, bright lighting solution without having to spend a lot of money on utilities.

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