Trending Lighting Solutions For Modern Bedrooms

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The bedroom is probably the place we all spend time when it’s completely bright and dark. Bedroom lighting design is necessary to make a comfortable environment for you to rest at night, wake up, and shine in the morning. A bed with lights can give all these benefits with a relaxing atmosphere. 

We have made this guide for bedroom lighting to help you understand the right way to illuminate your bedroom. You will learn essential lighting tips, tasks lighting, and ambient accent to layer your lights. Picking suitable bulbs is important, so the color and brightness perfectly match the bedroom. Here are some guides to know about suitable lights for the bedroom. 

Bedroom Lighting: Basic Guide

Layer Lights For Bedroom

Basic knowledge of layering your lighting is essential to create the best illumination in your bedroom. The balance between task, accent, and ambient lighting helps provide the best lighting environment. With this balance, a switch can create an amazing lighting mood. 

Ambient Lighting

From specific to general lighting, you’ll need to layer different kinds of lighting depending on what type of mood you expect in your bedroom. For the beginning, build the foundation of general or ambient lighting. Ambient lighting includes artificial light, sky or window lights, and whatever produces a good amount of light that’ll make you perform normal tasks such as folding clothes, making the bed, or cleaning. 

best Ambient Lighting

Artificial lighting fixtures which can help you achieve ambient lighting include chandelier lights, flush mount ceiling lights, pendant lights, etc., or floor lamps. These lighting types can offer a good amount of illumination for all the activities that don’t need focused, bright light. 

Task Lighting

Use task lighting on top of the general lighting for more focused activities such as working, applying makeup, or reading. Besides table lamps, consider sconces, low-hanging pendant lights on the side of the bed, wall-mounted lights on the headboard, or directional lights.  

best Task Lighting

Any kind of task lighting can be used in a bedroom as long as the fixture produces great lighting for visibility and concentration. Apart from its location and design, a task lighting functions depends on the bulb.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight features and draw attention like artwork. For the bedroom, this lighting is its own kind of ambient lighting version, creating a cozy feel with glow and pleasant lighting. Use recessed lighting, wall sconces, tape lights, or other creative lighting to enhance the bedroom lighting design. 

best Accent Lighting

Things to See while Choosing the Right Bulb


Choosing the right amount of lumens is important to layer your bedroom lighting. The right range of lumens will enhance the ambiance of your bedroom and provide a better lighting environment. After finalizing the lumens output of the light, consider the bulb with dimmable features. Having a dimmer helps control the brightness level, which gives you a choice to select the brightness per your mood. Finally, control the lighting mood with a smooth flicker control. 


Light color has an important role in supporting specific activities in the bedroom. Some bulbs, such as halogen and CFL lights, provide a limited color temperature in their lighting fixture, but LEDs have a wide range of color temperatures to suit all your mood and lighting needs. 

As blue and white light colors promote alertness, they are best used for directional and task lighting to help focus activities. They are not good if you want to relax in your bedroom after a tiring day. Warmer lights are perfect for bedroom activities such as watching TV, relaxing, and reading. 

Choose a creative and warmer light for your bedroom to experience comfortable lighting. 


When it comes to modern lighting, LEDs are the first thing that comes to mind. This is the best solution for your bedroom lighting. We have given bedroom lighting ideas in this blog for better lighting selection. Understanding this blog will help you choose the perfect lighting for your bedroom to have a relaxing environment. Check all the aspects before buying lights for the bedroom.

Lepro Smart Table Lamp for Bedroom Bedside Lamp Works

Lepro Smart Table Lamp for Bedroom Bedside Lamp Works with Alexa Google Home, Tunable White & RGB Color Changing Dimmable LED Nightstand Touch Lamp

With Voice Control, you can go hands-free. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, 16 million colors, and 2700K-5700K tunable white light are seamlessly compatible. There are no boundaries with the Lepro LampUX smart bulb: Set Timers and Schedules for chilly stimulating daytime, warm relaxing light, amber night light, and lively and colorful mood lighting. At the moment you specify, turn on/off the lights or start a pre-programmed scene.

65.6ft Govee Alexa LED Strip Lights, Smart WiFi RGB Rope Light Works

Govee 65.6ft Alexa LED Strip Lights, Smart WiFi RGB Rope Light Works with Alexa Google Assistant, Remote App Control Lighting Kit

Voice Control Without Hassles: The LED strip lights integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you a more intelligent way to control the lights. Simple voice commands can be used to turn lights on and off, modify brightness, and change colors. (5G WiFi isn’t available)

2 rolls of 32.8ft strip lights are long enough to illuminate vast spaces, totaling 65.6ft strip lights. With brilliant, color-changing lights, enliven your bedroom, living room, pantry, bar, Christmas tree, or balcony. (Please note that 4-pin connectors are not included.)

COZOO USB Bedside Table & Desk Lamp with 3 USB Charging Ports


COZOO USB Bedside Table & Desk Lamp with 3 USB Charging Ports and 2 Outlets Power Strip,Black Charger Base with White Fabric Shade, LED Light for Bedroom

This colorful, one-of-a-kind desk and table bedroom lamp feature a power strip with three USB ports and two outlets to charge your phones, tablets, laptops, and other electrical devices. Whether the lamp is on or off, the USB port is functional. It’ll look fantastic in any modern home or business.

COZOO nightstand lamp with conventional press switch, which is easier to operate and more robust. It has a sleek cloth shade and a fireproof plastics power base, giving your home a warm and inviting vibe. End tables, dining tables, coffee tables, beds, offices, bedrooms, dens, nurseries, and meditation rooms are all good options. Unfortunately, this bedside desk lamp works with regular e26/e27 led bulbs (includes a 5W bulb) and is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Light

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Light, Nebula Lamp

Sky Lite instantly projects a field of drifting BLUE stars against a transforming BLUE nebula cloud (Patent Protected). With no installation required, Sky Lite brings instant mood ambiance to the party, gaming station, meditation space, or mesmerizing night light aura for the bedroom.

Incorporates a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to create an otherworldly visual experience that cannot be matched.

HUGOAI Dimmable RGBW Bedside Lamps for Bedrooms, Smart Table Lamp

Smart Table Lamp, HUGOAI Dimmable RGBW Bedside Lamps for Bedrooms, Works with Alexa and Google Home, LED Nightstand Lamp

Connect this smart table lamp to your WiFi to begin your smart light home right away; the iOS and Android apps allow you to control your lamp remotely from your phone or tablet; turn it on or off, and decorate your home with warm to crisp white light, or choose from 16 million colors whenever you want with the touch of a finger.

Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to let you manage your bedside lamp with your voice. For example, alter the brightness of your table lamp from 3% to 100%, change the color of your light from comfortable warm white to sharp natural white, or change the mood of your room by uttering a command.

Govee Smart Table Lamp, Dimmable App WiFi Control Lamp, 43 Scene Modes

Govee Smart Table Lamp, Dimmable App Wi-Fi Control Lamp with 43 Scene Modes and Music Mode, Warm White Light RGBIC Bedside Lamp for Bedrooms and Living Room

Our user-friendly DIY mode, accessible through the Govee Home app, allows you to customize light effects and save them for later use. For example, you may design color patterns on the app and then apply them to your portable table lamp using Finger Sketch.

Create your scene with this table lamp’s 43 Scene options. It’s perfect for romantic meals or casual get-togethers. The Govee Home app allows you to dim the scenes, and they were created to meet every indoor event.

Star Projector, 3 in 1 Galaxy Night Light Projector, Remote Control

Star Projector, 3 in 1 Galaxy Night Light Projector with Remote Control, Bluetooth Music Speaker & 5 White Noises for Bedroom

White Noise Machine + Bluetooth Speaker + Galaxy Projector An indoor galaxy complete with a spectacular stellar light show! The night-light projector brings the starry night sky into your room. It transforms its blank ceiling into a home planetarium for your midnight space journey, with 10 colors, 360° rotational dynamic projections, and magnificent shooting stars. You’ll be astounded by the dazzling effect when the meteor flies through the night.

Vont Starry Fairy Lights, String Lights, 66FT, 200 LEDs, Bedroom Decor

Vont Starry Fairy Lights, String Lights, 66FT, 200 LEDs, Bedroom Decor, Wall Decor, USB Powered, Bendable Copper Twinkle Lights, Indoor Outdoor Use

You won’t have to struggle with plugging and unplugging power wires, thanks to a newly added on and off switch. Unlike other string lights, ours has three strands of lights. Copper wires that are entirely watertight and do not overheat have been expertly constructed.

Touch Lamp, Portable Table Sensor Control Bedside Lamps with Quick USB Charging Port

Touch Lamp, Portable Table Sensor Control Bedside Lamps with Quick USB Charging Port, 5 Level Dimmable Warm White Light & 13 Color Changing RGB for Bedroom

It’s really simple to use because of the 360-degree touch control. It’s perfect for special events and parties because it has a white light mode with three brightness levels and a multicolor setting with over 256 variations. The Dimmable is ideal for illuminating any place for every occasion, thanks to its colorful light that creates varied effects depending on your mood. It runs on batteries and charges through USB.

Lightshare 18 Inch Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree, 48 LED Lights

Lightshare 18 Inch Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree, 48 LED Lights, 24V UL Listed Adapter Included, Metal Base, Warm White Lights, Ideal as Night Lights

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree, 18″ height, 48 LED lights; Warm White LEDs provide a warm glow and 24V adapter; built-in LED lights are topped with rubber-constructed cherry blossoms giving off a soft, warm aura eco-friendly, energy-saving, and safe, so you can use it wherever you want and satisfy DIY needs with the adjustable branches You can bend the branches and the tree into any shape you choose, including a more realistic tree shape. So create a one-of-a-kind tree light for yourself.

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