Top 10 Best Outdoor String Lights In USA

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It’s a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the natural light. Outdoor string lights can make your backyard or patio even more relaxing, with their swaying glow in sync with music played on speakers set up around them!
You might as well turn off those phones because we’re not going anywhere anytime soon – these ambient outdoor lamps will keep us entertained until sunset is complete (or morning comes!).

If you’re looking for a way to light up your home, consider string lights. They come in different styles and colors that will suit any mood or style; there’s also an option between bulbs of varying brightnesses so everyone can find what works best! We researched some popular models before testing them under varied weather conditions (including rain) – here are our findings:

When shopping for outdoor string lights, it’s important to know what features will make your experience easier and more enjoyable. The following models passed our stringent hands-on testing with flying colors in this category!

Brightown Outdoor String Light G40 Globe Patio Lights, 100Feet, 104 Edison Glass Bulbs(4 Spare)

Brightown Outdoor String Light 100Feet G40 Globe Patio Lights with 104 Edison Glass Bulbs(4 Spare), UL Listed Hanging Lights for Backyard Balcony Deck Party Decor

The outside porch of your home is the perfect place to enjoy a warm and romantic atmosphere. With these Dimmable G40 String Lights, you can do just that! The 100 clear Edison bulbs are not only bright but also energy-efficient because they use less than 5 watts per bulb – helping save money on electricity bills too! These cute lights come with e12 or c7 candelabra socket bases, so even if someone prefers taller ceilings, there’s no problem; each string light has a built-in dimmable controller, which makes setting up this beautiful display an easy task for any homeowner.

The 100 hanging sockets bistro string light is a perfect addition for your next party or event. With 6 inch leads, 12″ spacing between bulbs, and glass tails that each contain four extra replacements in case one break on you! This UL-listed product also includes built-in fuses, so there’s no need to worry about burning them out by accident while trying desperately to find someone who can fix it.

The g40 Christmas light string is more than just an ordinary decoration. It can be easily installed with a cable tie or cup hook and will stay in place no matter where you put it! The Practical Design means that if one bulb goes out – it won’t affect other lighting fixtures nearby because this product has Shielded Bulbs which protect them from receiving too much voltage when active at night time only. So why wait until after midnight before checking up on things? Keep your home lit all day long thanks to these awesome little guys who happen also come complete with w/their own remote control, so there’s never any worry about losing power during inconvenient times 😉

These commercial lights are the perfect decoration for any outdoor space. Whether you need them on your balcony, garden, or bistro, these will add that much-needed light!
Do not forget about all of those other uses, including tent hosting events like birthday parties with an impressive glow coming from inside, thanks to our wide array of bulbs replacements to boot.

Lemont Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights 48 Ft with 15 Hanging Sockets

Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights with 15 Hanging Sockets - 48 Ft Black Weatherproof Cord Weatherproof Strand for Patio Garden Porch

If you’re looking for an impressive and eye-catching way to light up your home, then our 15 clear 11-watt incandescent lights are exactly what you need. These bulbs will provide a warm glow that’s perfect in any situation!

Our string lights are designed for durability and will last through your whole house! We use durable materials that won’t wear or tear as you use it continuously all year round.

These string lights are perfect for your tree! You can install them easily, and they come with 3 feet of space between each bulb, so you have plenty to play around with in terms of design. Chain link chandelier style or simply hanging from branches – it’s up to yourself how these little beauties shine down upon unsuspecting visitors during Christmastime.

Multi-use lightning modes – Turn your porches, pergolas, and patios into a whole new world! Not only does this light up the night with its beautiful glow, but it’s also perfect for entertaining guests or Otherwise just relaxing on those dark winter nights.

The lights are absolutely stunning, and we have a 3-year warranty to back them up!

“RISK-FREE PURCHASE!” This means that you can buy with confidence, knowing full well if anything goes wrong, contacting us will get your problem solved quickly.

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights, Black, 48 Foot Length, 24 Lifetime Bulbs

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights, Black, 48 Foot Length, 24 Lifetime Bulbs, Color Changing, Weatherproof, Shatterproof

Charming Ambience is the perfect way to add a white ambient light style into any environment. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, Charming will captivate your space with its charm and elegance!

The powerful Color Changes Everything – it’s got 16 colors, seemingly endless 2-color combinations, and a variety of preset modes for special occasions like holidays or tailgating. You can select the perfect color with this remote control from up to 30 feet away!

The 24 durable acrylic Edison-style bulbs are impact resistant and won’t break if dropped, stepped on, or blown around in the wind. Commercial grade construction makes them perfect for any indoor/outdoor application that requires long-lasting lighting!

installation – these lights are designed to withstand year-round exposure to the elements

Lifetime LED lights are the perfect choice for your café because they outshine their competitors with long life, low energy consumption and cool touch. No more replacing bulbs!

Customizable lighting with Enbrighten Café Lights gives you true flexibility to create your own installation. With up to 750 feet of strands connected at each end, it’s easy for homeowners or businesses alike find the perfect length between these two points so they can make an effortless connection and enjoy customized looks!

Twinkle Star 300 LED 99 FT Copper Wire String Lights Battery Operated 8 Modes with Remote

Twinkle Star 300 LED 99 FT Copper Wire String Lights Battery Operated 8 Modes with Remote, Waterproof Fairy String Lights for Indoor Outdoor Home Wedding Party Decoration

The warm glow of these fashionable string lights will add a touchable atmosphere to your space. The 99ft 300led starry design is perfect for indoor or outdoor decorations and powered by 6x AA batteries (not included).
The output should be more creative.

With the waterproof design, you can easily decorate it anywhere. The battery-powered construction makes sure that these beads are durable enough for any occasion!

This remote control is so flexible and smart! You can adjust the brightness, switch 8 modes(Combination mode plus In Waves Sequential Slogs Chasing/Flash Slow Fade Twinkle Flash Steady On) set a timer for 6 hours per day. This will be perfect if you want to create a joyful ambiance at home during festivals or parties with your family members as well as friends alike.

The copper wire and led bulbs in this light are what make it so bright, as well as being energy-saving. It’s cool to touch even after hours have passed because there won’t be any heat emission from these lights!

OCCASION- Perfect for Indoor / Outdoor, Decorate Balcony, Yard, Wedding, Ceremony, Party, Birthday, Thanks Giving Day, Halloween Parties, etc.

Outdoor Patio String Lights – 50 Feet Waterproof Connectable Patio Lights with 52 G40 Globe LED Bulbs

Outdoor Patio String Lights - 50 Feet Waterproof Connectable Patio Lights with 52 G40 Globe LED Bulbs(2 Spare) for Backyard Porch Party

Hanging lights are a great way to illuminate your backyard space at night. These outdoor hanging fixtures come with 50 LED G40 bulbs, which not only provide much-needed light but also help prevent any potential shatter from happening in the first place! They’re made out of plastic, so they can be easily replaced if one breaks or burns out–no need for glass here, thanks to our safety features built into them all along with their low operating temperature (perfect when you want something quick).


Globe String Light creates an elegant atmosphere for your home, with its multi-strands connectable to up to 7 bulbs! They can end-to-end form a continuous 350 feet lead. You have the option of customizing arrangements by mixing and matching different lengths from 6 “ender plugs or 12 “spacing between lights.

The led bulb is a much more eco-friendly alternative to the traditional tungsten halogen or fluorescent light source. This small appliance can save you $50 annually on your energy bill with an estimated 10 – 20 times longer lifespan!

IP44 professional waterproof connector, suitable for indoor outdoor decoration. 2200k warm white lights make this light great in the patio or backyard!

It’s easy to install with a lights gripper, cable tie, or cup hook. You can fix it anywhere you need!

Mini Lantern String Lights – 10 White Nylon Hanging Lanterns with Warm White Bulbs Included, 7 Feet Long

Mini Lantern String Lights - 10 White Nylon Hanging Lanterns with Warm White Bulbs Included, 7 Feet Long, Waterproof for Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

The Mini Lantern is a great decor piece for any occasion. You can use it in your living room or bedroom, but if you’re looking to really turn up the heat, check out this string of 10 white light mini lanterns! They’ll be perfect at parties and wedding receptions where they will add that much-needed ambiance without taking over too much space on display with large traditional decorations like candles.”

Warm white light is perfect for creating cozy, inviting spaces. Each lantern contains 1 warm 3200k bulb (Color Temperature: 2700 Kin), which provides you with 8 watts of soft illumination and lasts up to 15 times longer than regular lights! This means that your investment will keep paying off not just financially but also in terms of time as well since it only takes about 1500 hours before one replacement bulb needs replaced due to any wear or tear.

This plug-in lantern string light can connect up to 25 strands for an unforgettable display. The total length is 10-5/8,’ and it has 7′ of the lit portion that is lighted, as well 8″ between two strings when attached end-wise (located at either end). You will love this beautiful piece!

These paper lantern-style decorations are made from a weatherproof, durable nylon material that can withstand any type of condition. You’ll be able to use them indoors or outdoors without worry!

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights – Commercial Grade 27 Ft Waterproof Patio Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights - Commercial Grade 27 Ft Waterproof Patio Lights with 12 Edison Globe Bulbs, Shatterproof LED String Lights

These durable 27 ft long string lights will illuminate your path with 12 LED bulbs and a detachable solar panel. The back of this outdoor lighting device features an on/off switch for easy access, as well! You can charge these under direct sunlight or if you want more indirect light–the battery life should be about 2 years depending on how often they’re used (every day).

With a Commercial Grade WeatherProof Patio Light, you can be sure that your lights will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them. This set comes with our own Shatterproof S14 Bulbs, and bulbs are Heat Resistant up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit! The Flexi cord is durable enough for indoor or outdoor use – making it perfect not only in homes but in commercial properties too.

Flexible Installation & Widely used Patio Lights: Solar patio lights are the perfect decoration for your balcony or garden. They don’t need an outlet, so you can place them almost anywhere with included stake and clip! The brightest outdoor decorative bistro-sized products will add a touch of class to any location that needs some extra light-up charm–from terraces in towns all over America right down to those little cozy pergolas at home on days when it’s too rainy outside. Just get inside where it’s warm.

The beautiful and romantic ambiance of these string lights will delight you every time. They’re perfect for creating an elegant bistro atmosphere during parties or hosting guests on your porch! The bulbs used are vintage Edison globe bulbs that provide bright white light with no UV rays, meaning they last up to 6 hours when in direct sunlight (or three if it’s cloudy).

Battery Operated String Lights Outdoor – 2 Packs 200 LED 98 Ft Globe Fairy Light Bedroom Indoor

Battery Operated String Lights Outdoor - 2 Packs 200 LED 98 Ft Globe Fairy Light Bedroom Indoor with Remote Control Timer 8 Lighting Modes

The oxyled globe string lights are the best choice for your next party. They come in 2 packs, with 100 energy-saving LED bulbs that last longer than any other product on the market!

The built-in timer and 8 modes allow for a lot of flexibility when it comes to your lighting needs. From automatic on/off cycles through brightness adjustments–you’re sure to find what you need with this handy remote control!

The 8 lighting modes available on this product will give you everything from a steady glow to chasing lights. The LED strip can be controlled by pressing just one button, so it’s easy and convenient!

With IP44 waterproof performance, these string lights can withstand all kinds of weather, including adverse conditions like windy or rainy days. They’re ideal for indoor and outdoor use!

These globe string lights provide more uniform illumination without color decay, adding a touch of elegance to various scenarios such as home and bedroom. They make for perfect decorations at weddings or parties where you want an elegant look that won’t fade quickly from one season into another – as Christmas trees do!

Band 102FT Dimmable LED Outdoor String Lights, 34 Hanging Sockets with 35 x Shatterproof LED Bulb Party Lights

Banord 102FT Dimmable LED Outdoor String Lights, 34 Hanging Sockets with 35 x Shatterproof LED Bulb Party Lights, Waterproof Vintage Ambiance Patio Lights

If you want your outdoor string lights to be able to do more than just illuminate the night, then these S14 bulbs are perfect! They’re dimmable and have a warm white tone that will nicely decorate any retreat space. And if it’s dark outside? No problem- simply use an appropriate sequencer or wall pack with this set so as long as there is power coming from somewhere inside (or under!), all those buds across town will seem invisible by comparison.”

Hanging string lights is always an easy way to transform your patio into something beautiful and extra special, but it’s hard not to worry about safety when there are glass shards everywhere. With these shatterproof plastic bulbs, though, you can be sure that none will hit anyone in the house!

Waterproof & Weather Resistant- Designed for all-year-round outdoor use, Banord outside string lights are sure to stay under the windy sun, rain, etc.

The stylish and functional LED energy-saving string lights will dramatically reduce your 90% electricity bills compared with incandescent bulbs ones. Not only do they last longer, but this revolutionary new technology is also more efficient in its use of resources!

With a wide application, the UL listed string lighting is transforming gardens and outdoor spaces with its tranquil Ambience. From BBQs to patio seating or even cafes, this efficient product will make your desired atmosphere come alive in no time!

Feit Electric 710090 48ft LED String Light

Feit Electric 710090 48ft LED String Light

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

(including wet locations)- Indoor or Outdoor Use

Shatter Resistant Bulbs

26 Decorative Filament LED Bulbs 2200K

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