Top 15 Best Tiki Torches For Your Outdoor Space

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Tiki torches are an affordable and fun way to light up your night, transforming any outdoor space into a tropical paradise. You can use them for garden parties or as temporary fixtures in the backyard that will keep biting insects away, so you don’t have to get mad at dinner time! There’s something satisfying about lighting one of these tapers on fire—it creates this amazing glowing atmosphere perfect enough just by itself without anything else needed alongside it like extra candles (which might not even make sense given how big some downlight kits already come). Whether looking out towards our neighbors’ houses after dark.

What to Consider

Tiki torches are a classic way to celebrate summertime parties and outdoor activities. The most basic tikes have an oil-filled container with woven bamboo strips that hold the wick, mounted on top of polished metal or mini tabletop models depending upon your preference; there’s an endless variety available – some come equipped with convertable poles so you can stake them lower at night when it gets dark out (and shorter burn times). Some also feature adjustable heights for different purposes, such as staking downlight yard debris after mowing lawns during daytime hours.

The perfect way to have an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional? A tiki torch equipped with solar power. This innovative product allows you the convenience of having lights no matter what season it may be, all without relying on gas or electrical sources!

How To Choose

Tired of buying tiki torches that only last a couple of uses? We have got you covered! Our extensive research led us to scour the internet in search of popular styles. Every one we cover below has an average customer rating of over four stars, and they are all designed with various needs- traditional vs. modern style differences included -so no matter what type suits your décor or budget best, there should be something available right here on our site today.

Deco Home Modern Tiki Torches (Set of 4)

Deco Home Garden Torch Set of 4 | Outdoor Decorative Garden Décor Metal Torch for Party Patio Pathway | Citronella Torch 60 inch

• Height: Five feet
• Burn Time: Approximately six hours
• Fuel Capacity: 12 ounces
• Convertible Pole: No
• Adjustable Flame: No

These sleek, elongated tiki torches have a subtle modern aesthetic with minimal decoration and a jet black finish.

With a height of five feet and 12 ounces, these tiki torches are perfect for grilling all night. You can’t adjust the flame, but there’s an attached snuffer cap, so you’ll never have to worry about wasted fuel! In addition, they come in black (which looks great), silver/brown oil rubbed finish that will match any outdoor setting or occasion perfectly well too.

These citronella torches are great for repelling mosquitoes, but the only type of oil that should be used with them is citronella.

Big Kahuna Tiki Torches (Set of 2)

Big Kahuna Outdoor Gas Torches - Glamorous Propane or Natural Gas Tiki Style Torch Head Will Help Set The Mood at Your Next Party - Outdoor Lights are Great for Landscape Lighting

• Height: 6.8 feet
• Burn Time: N/A
• Fuel Capacity: N/A
• Convertible Pole: No
• Adjustable Flame: Yes

Tiki torches are a great way to add some culture and character when it comes time for your next party. If you’ve had temporary tikis in the past, or if staying at one of those luxury hotels has left an impression on how their staff decorated (with all Torches), consider investing more permanently so that they can stay lit come. Rainstorms outside!

The adjustable flame on these torches will light up your backyard with an inviting atmosphere. They come in two styles and can be used near or far away, making them perfect for any occasion! These towering candles are also nearly 7 feet tall, so they’ll shed plenty of brightness where needed most – like inside the house at night when you need extra warmth while sleeping during the winter months.

Tiki Honeycomb Tiki Torch

TIKI Brand 1120112 Honeycomb Outdoor Torch, Blue

• Height: 5.4 feet
• Burn Time: Approximately 11 hours
• Fuel Capacity: 11.8 ounces
• Convertible Pole: Yes
• Adjustable Flame: No

The touch of Moroccan-inspired design in this tiki torch adds an eye-catching focal point to any natural setting. It can be used at three heights – 5’4″, garden height, or even tabletop without the pole! This versatile unit features a generous 18-ounce fuel capacity that burns for up 11 hours on average when set taller than usual, with its long neck lighter fluid canister sold separately elsewhere online if needed (not included).

Tiki Metal Aged Copper Tiki Torch

TIKI 1118038 Brand 61-inch Province Metal Aged Copper Torch, 61.38

• Height: Five feet
• Burn Time: Approximately 25 hours
• Fuel Capacity: 32 ounces
• Convertible Pole: No
• Adjustable Flame: No

The sturdy tiki torch has a rustic, almost medieval vibe and is crafted from copper with sleek black metal details.

Its capacity—a huge 32 ounces—outperforms all of the torches on our list, and it has a strong 15-hour burn time. The pole and outer torch are made of rust-resistant powder-coated steel, and it is 5 feet tall.

Herringbone Tiki Torches (Set of 3)

TIKI Brand Herringbone Blue Glass Tabletop Torch

• Height: 5.75 inches
• Burn Time: Approximately four hours
• Fuel Capacity: 12 ounces
• Convertible Pole: No
• Adjustable Flame: No

This tabletop version is sure to please if you want a tiki torch vibe without the real full-size one. They’re constructed of molded glass with a faint herringbone pattern that resembles tropical flora, and they’re ideal for an island-themed breakfast. Each candle features a 12-ounce volume and a 4-hour burn time, as well as a fiberglass wick.

Mini Solar Tiki Torches (Set of 6)

FAISHILAN 6 Pack Solar Flame Flickering Torch Solar Outdoor Lights LED Waterproof Solar Flame Light Torches Landscape Torch Solar Powered LED Light for Outside Pathway Yard

• Height: 2.5 feet
• Burn Time: Up to 10 hours in summer
• Fuel Capacity: Built-in rechargeable battery
• Convertible Pole: No
• Adjustable Flame: No

These mini tiki torches are perfect for lining walkways and driveways, but they also make great backyard party decorations. In fact, you can stake them next to an in-ground pool!

Whether you’re at the beach or out for adventure, these solar-powered lights will keep your path lit. With a long-lasting battery that gets 10 hours on one charge and an IP56 waterproof rating, they are perfect!


TIKI Brand 6-Inch Molded Glass Table Torch (Set of 3)

TIKI Brand 6-Inch Molded Glass Table Torch, Red White & Blue

GLASS TABLE TORCH SET: This set of table torches is made of textured, molded glass and comes in patriotic colors: red, white/clear, and blue. Any style of décor will look excellent with a great design.

UNIQUE DÉCOR: Use them singly as bright accents around your yard or patio, or group them to make a spectacular centerpiece. Each 12-ounce load will burn for up to 5 hours.

PERSONAL PARADISE: With our easy-to-use, long-lasting TIKI products in a range of styles to suit any yard, garden, lawn, patio, or porch, we can help you create an outdoor paradise.

Tiki Island King Lanai Garden Torch, 1118035, Silver

Tiki 1118035 Island King Lanai Garden Torch, Silver

Traditional bamboo torches have a flame that is five times larger. The filling is a breeze using Twist & Pour technology. In the wind, it stays light. Snuffer is made of metal and has a magnetic feature to keep it in place.

TIKI Brand Resin Jar TIKI Torch, 64-inch, 4-in-1 Stone Color

TIKI Brand 64-inch Resin Jar TIKI Torch 4-in-1 Stone Color,4.5 x 4.5 x 64 inches

The MULTIPURPOSE TORCH is a garden, boat, and patio essential. With three different modes of operation (full-size torch, mid-sized lamp, or small tabletop design), this versatile light can be used in various ways to provide illumination for your backyard space!

The versatile and long-lasting torch features a multi-piece pole that enables you to set the height you prefer, up until 64 inches tall. They can burn for five hours on each 12-ounce fill!

Eicaus Solar Torch Light Outdoor, 99 Led Tiki Torches, Flickering Flame, 3 Lighting Modes

Eicaus Solar Torch Light Outdoor, 99 Led Tiki Torches with Flickering Flame and Three Lighting Modes, Waterproof Landscape Garden Pathway Decoration Lighting

96 led lamp beads in a torch shape are brighter and warmer, giving a dynamic and beautiful image of flame. The lighting is dynamic, and the artistic effect is lovely. It looks like real flames are beating.

Solar-powered torches absorb solar energy during the day in direct sunlight and turn on automatically at dusk. It can light for up to 8-10 hours on a full charge.

Stearic Solar Outdoor Lights, Solar Torches with Flickering Flame for Garden Decor ( 10Pack )

Staaricc 10Pack Solar Outdoor Lights, Solar Torches with Flickering Flame for Garden Decor, Waterproof Solar Powered Outdoor Lights, Landscape Mini Torch Lights

Mini-Size 12LED Solar Outdoor Lights flicker dancing flames, festive décor, and romantic landscape for outdoor decors, such as garden, yard, pathway, patio and barbecue, home parties, and weddings, which could produce a magnificent and attractive campfire ambiance.

SOLAR POWERED & AUTO LIGHTING- Torches shine up for 6-8 hours in the summer and 3-5 hours in the winter after being fully solar-charged, thanks to high-capacity batteries and a large-size polycrystalline solar panel. Solar lights for the outdoors can be turned on and off automatically using a Photosensitive Sensor.

Backyadda Torch Replacement Canisters (16 oz)

Backyadda Torch Replacement Canisters (16 oz). Compatible with Most Tiki Brands (Bamboo and Most Metal Styles).

EASY TO EXTINGUISH – A snuffer cap is included with each torch fuel replacement canister. This canister is ideal for use in holders without snuffer caps or in tiki-style torches that have lost their snuffer caps. These replacement canisters are also self-contained and can be used for camping and other purposes. Fuel is available for purchase separately. Wicks are included with the package.

Filling your backyard torch is simple, safe, and quick, thanks to the WIDE MOUTH DESIGN. There will be no wasted torch fuel because there will be no spills. Your torches will not be burdened by additional weight due to the lightweight design.

EOYIZW Solar Lights Outdoor, Premium 99 LEDs Solar Torch Light (4 Pack)

EOYIZW Solar Lights Outdoor 4 Pack, Premium 99 LEDs Solar Torch Light with Flickering Flame- IP65 Waterproof Solar Torches Lights Outdoor Lighting Decoration for Yard Patio

The LED lights in Eoyizw solar torch lights have been significantly enhanced, resulting in incredibly realistic flames torches that are vibrant, alive, and stronger, providing a joyful mood for you and your family. In the meantime, solar torch lights with flickering flame lights are an integral feature of landscaping design for the garden, patio, lawn, party, BBQ, camping, and backyard.

The new Eoyizw solar flame lights with a built-in rechargeable battery (2200mAh) are the perfect way to enjoy your whole night. These high-technology efficiency outdoor lamps can effectively collect and store more sunlight, which means that when charged under a sunny sky for 4 hours or less, they will continue illuminating for 8 – 10 hrs! This is great if you want an Even lighting effect without having too many conversations by turning on all nearby fixtures at once.

Walensee Super Large Size Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded 43″ (6 Pack)

Walensee Super Large Size Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded 43"(6 Pack) 96 LED Waterproof Flickering Flames Torch Lights Solar Spotlights Landscape Decoration Lighting

The light’s 96 LEDs provide a safe, mellow, mood-enhancing glow, making it a safe alternative to real “flames.” We provide an additional pipe that allows you to modify the height of the solar torches from 30.7 to 43 inches.

This dancing flame torch light catches solar energy in direct sunlight all day, then switches on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. The light is solar-powered, so you can put it wherever there is direct sunlight!

TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island King Large Flame Torch

TIKI Brand 66-Inch Island King Large Flame Torch, Gunmetal Finish

The contemporary metal frame of this big, bold torch is finished in a weather-resistant gunmetal finish. The torch bowl’s distinctive design keeps the flame blazing bright even in the wind.

EASY & MESS-FREE: A magnetic metal snuffer is attached to this torch to help extinguish flames and cover the wick when not in use. Adding fuel is simple and mess-free with our Twist & Pour technology.

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