How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting?

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Under cabinet lighting will transform your kitchen and make it a showplace. Any homeowner can learn about installing under cabinet lighting. With the proper guidance and planning, this DIY installing project with a normal difficulty level would take only a few hours to finish.  

We will guide you through this blog to help you install under cabinet lighting all by yourself. 

1. Decide the Kind of under cabinet lighting

The first and most important decision you need to make is to decide the kind of under-cabinet lighting you need to buy. Each type of lighting has a different installation process which is why this is the first step you should take. 

We always recommend using hard wired LED under cabinet lights. This is the best option for the kitchen from an efficiency and performance perspective. 

Here are the best and recommended cabinet lighting options: 

  • Wireless pucks
  • Under-cabinet light bars
  • Hard wired LED
  • Wireless light bars
  • LED tape lights or strip lights

You should not rush while deciding on the lighting and fixture. This process includes researching the products, reading blogs, and even ordering sample lights for testing to make the final decision. But you don’t need to do the hassle as we have made this blog to help you.

2. Layout the Project

This second step is to decide where you want to put under cabinet lighting. Do you want to put lighting under every cabinet, or are you just looking to illuminate one area? If you have the budget, we suggest placing lighting under every cabinet. It is essential to put entire-length lighting fixtures to cover all the cabinets to prevent shadows or dark spots.  

Layout the Project  Under Cabinet Lighting

3. Under cabinet lighting fixtures placement.

Choosing the location for your lighting will make a huge difference in the appearance of light on your counters and kitchen. One of the main factors is whether you need task lighting for under cabinet lighting. This blog on under-cabinet lighting placement will help you finalize your decision. Use under-cabinet lighting that swivels if you are not sure about the lighting placement location. 

4. Installing switch and wiring

Now you know the lighting placement, it’s time to install the under-cabinet switch and wiring. 

First, Switch off the power source! 

Leave the extra wire at every connection point, depending on the space you need to work with. This makes the installation process easier, so you are not operating near the cabinet or wall. Also, now you can easily push any extra wire into the wall. Consider using smaller wires depending on the fixture specs to make things easier. 

Identify the Power Source Under cabinet lighting

Next, Wire your switch and screw it on the receptacle. Now connect your first fixture, and lay it on your counter as you don’t need to screw it into your cabinet before completing the wiring. Now, connect your lighting fixture. Then switch on the power safely and check if the first fixture is working. Turning on the power will identify the issues with the switch before you use your time to install the complete fixtures under cabinets. After successfully working, connect the wiring with other fixtures. There are also plug-and-play lighting options available in the market. 

It is always easy to connect the wires for every lighting fixture before connecting h fixtures with cabinets.

Installing switch and wiring Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

5. Connect the Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

In this step, you attach the lighting underside of the cabinets. This is the process where you may see some disagreements. Few people prefer screwing the fixture under the cabinets before connecting the wiring. But, in the end, this is all on you. 

Mark the underside of your cabinet where you want to place your lighting fixtures. The slide the light under the cabinet and screw it. Marking before attaching the light helps in mounting with proper placement. 

If you have received screws and mounting hardware along with the fixtures, they will easily be placed at the bottom of the cabinets. Always check the screw length supplied by the lighting company and ensure that the screw is not so long. It will not work correctly if they come up. Also, avoid over tighten it to avoid any holes in the cabinet. 

 Attach the Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

6. Hiding the Wires of Under Cabinet Lighting 


People spend a lot of money and time trying to install under-cabinet lighting to make the kitchen beautiful. So, no one wants to see the hanging wires. Hide the wires to make the work look more professional. 

Hide the Under Cabinet Lighting Wires

You can use staples, clips, etc., to disguise the wires safely. After doing everything, if the wires are still visible, install a light rail along the cabinet’s bottom edge. This will hide both the fixtures and wires by adding an extra inch of depth to the cabinets. 

7. Modify the Under Cabinet light Fixture Settings

The color temperature is important for various kitchen applications. Our recommended under-cabinet lighting fixtures have various color choices and also come with dimmer with brightness settings. 

Test the various light temperature settings and observe which temperature looks perfect for your kitchen. For example, most people keep under cabinet lights turned on in the evening because it has more inviting and less intense illumination.


We have mentioned the most used and recommended steps to install the lights. Installing under cabinet lighting is not that hard, however, you can also take professional technician help if you don’t want to install it on your own. The brightness of the light can be changed with the controller as per your requirement. Consider purchasing LED lights for under cabinet fixtures for better illumination and a longer lifespan.

Top 10 Best Under Cabinet Lighting on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Under-cabinet lights are a great way to lit up your countertop workspace and set the mood. They come with 10 options that will meet any need!

Although we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links, every editorial product is chosen independently. As of publication, the ratings and pricing are correct, and the items are in stock.

30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light, Under Counter Closet Lighting


This 30-lamp bead-led closet light has a revolutionary design and production technique. On the side, the LED lamp emits light. Through the reflector, light is refracted to the light guide plate and then uniformly spread on the lamp surface via the diffuser plate. This light is brighter (up to 200 lumens), but it does not glare and is rather soft. Aluminum alloy is used to make this USB rechargeable led under cabinet lights.

Magnet Built-in to Stick to Any Ironwork: This wireless motion sensor closet light may be used to adhere to any ironwork, or you can use the accompanying adhesive tape and iron sheet to adhere to any non-iron surface. You may turn off the closet light whenever you need to charge or change places.

Under Cabinet Lighting Closet Light 20 LEDs, Wireless Rechargeable Cabinet Lights 3 Packs

Under Cabinet Lighting Closet Light 20 LEDs 3 Packs, Wireless Rechargeable Cabinet Lights, Magnetic Under Counter Lighting

Upgraded Version & More Bright Sensor Closet Light- With 20 LEDs(Not 10)for each light, up to 160 lumens. This is a very bright LED closet that you can use in large spaces where there’s no lighting system like the cabinet or wardrobe! It has HIBOITEC motion sensor capabilities which means it’ll turn itself off when not needed – this makes perfect sense considering how many people leave their lights on all day long while they’re gone but don’t want someone else using them without permission; their fore we recommend buying one of these types of situations apply.

HIBOITEC’s automatic light switch allows you to free your hands and never miss an important moment again. The motion sensor mode will turn on the fluoro-cans when it detects human activity within 10 feet, while off gives 20 seconds before turning back off automatically in order for us humans do not to forget our own existence!

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights with Remote & Batteries 6 Pack

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights 6 Pack with Remote & Batteries | Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting

INCLUDES MOUNTING TAPE, SCREWS, AND BATTERIES – With the high duty sticky tape or screws, you can quickly install your new Brilliant Evolution lights (both options included). These battery-operated wireless puck lights are ideal for use in any part of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, garage, and bedroom.

Turn the lights on and off, change the brightness to any level, and set the auto-off timer with the wireless remote.

LAFULIT Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 8 PCS, Stick on Lights

LAFULIT 8 PCS Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Stick on Lights, Flexible Led Strip Lights with RF Remote and Power Adapter

There are 8 20-inch light strips, 4 5.9-inch connections, and 4 2.8-inch connectors available, with a variety of connection choices. 8 connectors are designed to bend and fold around corners and may be freely combined to span various gaps.

2700k warm white, very bright, 6 brightness settings; easily change brightness with the RF remote or dimmer.

Under Cabinet Lights with Battery Operated Wireless Remote Control

Under Cabinet Lighting Battery Operated Wireless Remote Control 20-LED Closet Lights Kitchen Counter Light Bar Stick on for Wardrobe

These are also 20 LEDs with a light output of 120 lumens. On/off, dimming and timing, and changing the color (warm and cool white, mixed color) are all options. It provides auxiliary lighting in places where bulbs are difficult to install and eliminates the hassle of screwing cables into place. No hammers, drills, or tools are required, and installation and removal are simple.

Mini dimension ( inch), easy to carry, easy to install and disassemble, can be timed, dimmable, 3 color temperatures to meet your environmental needs, only single press P/W button to switch color if numerous lights light up with different color, long press P/W button to sync light’s color.

WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit, LED Strip Lights with Remote Control, 6 PCS

WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit, 6 PCS LED Strip Lights with Remote Control Dimmer and Adapter, Dimmable for Kitchen Cabinet,Counter

6 PCS pre-cut strips, total length 9.8ft, multiple connection options, and an excellent solution to update cabinets, closets, desks, TV backs, bookshelves, beds, wardrobes, display cases, and more

Super Bright & Brightness Adjustable: Super bright LED cabinet lights to produce a total of 1500 lumens and are equipped with an RF dimmer for brightness control. The CRI of LEDs is greater than 82, resulting in high-quality lighting.

Motion Sensor Cabinet Light 2500mAh Rechargeable, 2 Packs

Motion Sensor Cabinet Light 2500mAh 2 Packs Rechargeable 54LED Under Counter Closet Lighting

54 LEDs, 350lm & More Bright Sensor Closet Light- This light is comparable to a 108 LEDs light on the market, very easy to find what you’re searching for, and great to light up a vast space where there is no light system, such as the cabinet, wardrobe, stairs, and so on. For you, the HIBOITEC motion sensor light is the finest option.

Motion & Light Sensor Mode, Always On and Off Mode- HIBOITEC cabinet light has two working modes, Motion & Light Sensor Mode and Always-On and Off Mode. This counter light automatically turns on when it detects human motion within 10 feet in a dark setting and switches off after 20 seconds of inactivity in G mode. These lights can be used as either standard or safety lighting.

LED Closet Light, 24-LED Dimmer Rechargeable Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Closet Light, 24-LED Dimmer Rechargeable Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting Wireless Stick-Anywhere Night Light with Remote for Wardrobe

SUPER BRIGHT UNDER COUNTER LIGHTS- These motion sensor cabinet lights have 24 Pure White 150LM (3 Lights in 1 Pack) & energy-saving LEDs, providing brightness and comfort to illuminate dark regions, ensuring that you never trip in the dark. It can detect human movements and switch on automatically in the dark or during the daytime using passive infrared technology (PIR). Sensor range: 120°, 10ft/3m, auto-off after 20 seconds if no motion is detected, Energy-saving to the max!

Remote control is included with these under cabinet lights. There are two ways to change the brightness: 2 Step-less, 150 percent brightness. Pressing the “+/-” button on the remote control to dim the lights. It also features a timer that can be set to 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. You may also use the built-in button switch to turn on and off this night light bar.

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Stick-On Light, Under Cabinet Lights Battery Operated

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Stick On Light, Under Cabinet Lights Battery Operated, Under The Counter Lights for Kitchen, Under Counter Light, Closet Lights

With MOUNTING TAPE AND SCREWS – With the high duty sticky tape or screws, you can quickly install your new Brilliant Evolution bar light (both options included). The battery-operated wireless LED light is therefore ideal for any room in your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, garage, and bedroom.

TAP LIGHT WITH ON/OFF BUTTON – This under-counter light is touch-sensitive, allowing you to turn it on and off by merely touching the lens.

LED Closet Light Motion Activated, Under Cabinet Lights

LED Closet Light Motion Activated, Under Cabinet Lights, VYANLIGHT Motion Sensor LED Lights, Stick-on Anywhere Battery Operated 10 LED Motion Sensor Night Light for Closet

AUTOMATIC MOTION SENSOR: detects human motion using passive infrared technology (PIR) and turns on automatically in the dark. The sensor range on these Motion Sensor Closet Lights is 9 feet. When there is no motion for 20 seconds or if other light sources are detected, it switches off automatically. WORKS ONLY IN THE DARK – The light sensor detects other lights and will not turn on if it is turned on in the light.

EASY TO INSTALL: The magnetic strip on these Home life led bars motion sensor lights has an adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation. The LED cabinet lights are simply detachable and replaceable, thanks to the magnetic strip. There are no tools, screws, or nuts required. It can be mounted on any flat, dry, and clean surface.

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