How to Replace Traditional Neon Lights With New Generation LED neon rope lights?

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The emergence of LED technology has taken over the illumination market in recent years. While choosing lights for home decor, the choices are immense, and the trend changes from time to time. The neon lights are the most popular options available in the decor market. Flexible LED neon rope lights come in various colors and … Read more

Pitfalls to Avoid While Selecting LED Lights for Hotel Business

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Proper lighting is the most substantial aspect of any hospitality business, whether in the state or internationally. The correction luminaire impresses the clients and creates a luxurious ambiance for the guests.  The best advice is to avoid mistakes that can ruin your business profits. Instead, continually learn about the hospitality industry and the guest’s expectations. … Read more

Lighting Ideas at Shopping Mall

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The retail landscape has become overcrowded in recent years, making it difficult for shopping malls to stand out as the best in the industry. Unique deals and luxury store outlets are becoming more popular in shopping malls. However, not all of them are fortunate enough to attract a large number of customers. The owners of a … Read more

Conversion of Fluorescent Lights to LED Luminaires

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LED luminaires are the best technological advancement available for consumers right now. Replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED offers various benefits from the utility companies and the State Departments. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights are durable and enjoy a prolonged lifespan due to efficient power consumption. Research studies have shown the advantages of … Read more

Decorative Ideas for Your Interiors

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Pendant lights add an astonishing touch to your interiors, and there are many designs to choose from. The pendant lights are single light fixtures suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Pendants are commonly present in a series or one fixture with multiple lights.  The pendant lights are more compact and … Read more

Mobile Billboards: The New Era of Advertising

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In recent times, mobile billboards have become an effective way to advertise and reach the masses. The mobile billboards have become an essential vehicle for any media planning? Let’s first understand what are mobile billboards and their advantages?  Mobile advertising is a medium of marketing technique where the ad gets placed on a moving vehicle … Read more

How to Choose the Best Illumination for Your Personal Space?

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With the advancement of technology, LED lights have also progressed a lot in recent years. LED downlights are primarily used for general or task lighting. Switching to LED downlights cuts the power consumption in half. These lights are used primarily in retail stores, movie theaters, etc.  Why LED downlights matter? Reliability- LED downlights are less … Read more

Tips to Install LED Strip Lights

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The popularity of LED strip lights has recently increased a lot.  The flexible strip lights are used in various industrial, commercial, and residential projects all over the world. In addition, many Architects and Lighting Designers favor LED strip lighting due to color options and efficiency.  The lights can be used as truck lights, couch lights, … Read more

Choosing the Perfect Illumination for Your Cabinets

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If you want to transform your dark and gloomy kitchen space into a well lit cozy room, then you need to prepare an under-cabinet lighting plan for your cooking area. Brighten your kitchen area with LED under cabinet lights.  The addition of under cabinet lights creates perfect clout inside the kitchen space and welcomes the … Read more

Tips Regarding Selection of Appropriate Outdoor Lights for Sports Stadium

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Exterior flood lights are broad-beamed lights that disperse brightness to a     large area. These light fixtures are more popular when it comes to landscape and lighting for outdoor sports venues. Whenever you are using flood lights, you may be underutilizing your lights.  To choose the best lighting for the stadium and game arenas, … Read more