What is Task Lighting?

what is task lighting

Most people don’t know what task lighting is and are struggling to understand its purposes. Whether you face a lack of lighting while reading your favorite book on your chair or casting a shadow while cooking dinner. Both of these scenarios show the requirements of functional, bright lighting – mostly referred to as task light.  … Read more

Accent Lighting – 5 Tips to Plan Your Lights

What is Accent Lighting?

Most owners add decorative pillows, wall art, and other elements to their home decor shopping list but forget one essential aspect — accent lighting. Home accent light can make your place brighter and more decorative.  You can highlight a beautiful painting or winding staircase with correctly positioned accent lighting. You can place it in a … Read more

Design and Planning Tips To Buy Outdoor Lighting

How to Buy Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor lighting is necessary to keep the area illuminated and secure. The perfect outdoor lighting is functional yet beautiful. This blog will give tips on buying outdoor lighting fixtures that fulfill your needs and form curb appeal. This is also called security lighting as it is suitable to enhance the security of the outdoors … Read more

What is Ambient Lighting – Don’t overlook it

What is Ambient Lighting – Don’t overlook it

What do you do first? When you walk into the room at night, you turn on the light, right?  Now, think about the first light switch you’ll search for. Most likely, this switch is connected to the main ambient lighting.   Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting are the primary three forms of lighting fixtures … Read more

Is it Possible to Connect LED Strip Lights Together?

Is it Possible to Connect LED strip Lights Together?

Perhaps, LED strip lights are the fan-favorite and famous among all the LED lighting fixtures. However, they can be used for various places and purposes, instantly enhancing the place’s mood.  Due to their flexible, thin stickable strips, these lights can be placed anywhere.  You can easily connect LED strips together depending on your power source … Read more

LED Strip Lights – Troubleshooting

LED Strip Lights - Troubleshooting

LED strip lights are easy-to-go lights for right-angle corners and straight lines. Their easier plug-in installation makes them simpler for the decorators to use than their sibling rope light. Yet LED strip lights have some quirks and common problems. Below given table shows the most common causes of LED strip light failures. With depth explanations … Read more

Top 10 Best Wall Sconces Lighting in USA

Top 10 Best Wall Sconces Lights in USA

Use Wall Sconce Lighting to Add Beauty and Style to your Home Lighting is a necessary need that newbie designers and homeowners often overlook. Yet, this factor can break or make your home’s decor. Nowadays, popular pendant lights get the most attention than often overlooked wall sconces that offer a delicate balance between function and … Read more

Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting

Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting Solutions – For Residential Places Recessed Lighting offers a tremendous amount of brightness and gives an elegant touch to your decors. This light is used to brighten both residences and offices. However, Installing LED downlights is an excellent way to update your interior and add practical lighting.  This lighting is also considered LED … Read more

Top 10 Best Lighting Picks For Your Bedroom

Best Lighting Picks For Your Bedroom

Bedroom Lighting Ideas– Designing with Various LED Lighting Fixtures Give your place a relaxed and quiet atmosphere with various bedroom lighting fixtures. These lights can also offer brighter illumination, which helps reading and other tasks in the bedroom. A good combination of task and general lighting is enough to provide flexibility to emit the light … Read more

Buyer’s Guide For Under Cabinet Lighting

best under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a very useful and convenient lighting application. These are installed underneath the kitchen cabinets, directly illuminating the below space. This light seamlessly blends with the interior of the place. This lighting can enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.  The additional kitchen cabinet lighting helps in reading recipe books and preparing food. … Read more