Chandelier Light – Addition of Opulence for your interiors

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When choosing designer fixtures for your home decor,  nothing makes a designer statement like the chandelier light. Instead, it acts as a mood setter or a fitting decor for your living space. The chandelier illumination is a modern design that constantly redefines the need for luxurious endeavors for your interiors.

Whether you are replacing the overhead luminaire of your living room or choosing a central focal point to bring out your designer creativity, the modern chandeliers add a burst of opulence to your interiors. Likewise, the luminaires bring out a brand new look in your interiors. 

 The LED chandeliers give various options ranging from foyer focal point chandeliers to fiber optic decorative pieces. But, first, let’s discuss the latest styles and trends of the LED chandeliers. 

What is a chandelier?

A chandelier is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling and enhances the decorative effect of the dining room, living room, or bedroom. The chandeliers have multiple lamps at multiple tiers, which are often used for ambient lighting.

The pendant lights should not be confused with the chandeliers as they have a single suspension system. However, the image of the traditional chandelier is quite specific and very costly. It’s suspended from the ceiling and has multiple candelabras with beads. 

Styles of chandeliers available

Choosing the right kind of design that suits your interiors is quite a daunting task. Once you have selected the size of the chandeliers, then find your designer theme and finish. Finally, pick the style that you may find best for your personal space. The most common types are – 

Contemporary – if you have minimum requirements for your style, then contemporary designs are the best choice. These are cutting-edge designs that are developed for everyday usage at home. With clean lines and a sharp appearance, These designs are pretty simple and define the design statistics of the interiors. For example, contemporary chandeliers are also known as modern chandeliers.

Traditional – The traditional luminaires deliver a classic look to the interiors. The LED styles are more accurate and eye-catching, from the farmhouse chandeliers or to the rustic chandeliers. They take the design core of the interiors to the next level. 

Transitional –  Combining traditional and contemporary styles, Transitional allows to mix them according to the client’s requirements. 


Shades and accessories

Another way to personalize the design of the chandelier is to emphasize the use of shades.

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The shades mainly come in glass or fabrics. The glass shows brighter colors, and the fabric offers diffused illumination. Most shades are –

  • Etched glass
  • Seeded glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Rain glass
  • Tiffany style 
  • Linen

Wall plates – They are used to derive a more polished look from the chandelier.

Types of chandeliers

Tiered chandeliers – The use of two-tiered or three-tiered chandeliers or a five-tiered one brings a classic look to the living or the dining room.

Shaded – They are mainly made of glass or fabric and define a simple look to the interiors.

Crystal –  These fixtures bring luxury and royalty to the interiors. They are ornamental, and some have crystals combined with the lampshade to derive the perfect look for the interiors.

Candle – These lighting fixtures are designed to hold candles and define a classic look for a romantic evening.

Beaded – These fixtures can be fancy or casual as per the requirement of the clients. The beaded theme provided a consistent nautical look for the interiors.

Reversible –  These chandeliers come with adjustable arms. Adjust the components upside to ambient lighting and downwards for task lighting. 

Installation height

If you install the chandelier in the dining room, then the approximate height should be 30 inches above the dining table. The measurement needs to be set so that people don’t feel the glare in their eyes. In other rooms, choose a safe clearance while installing the chandelier light. 

Lumens requirement

Space’s square foot measurement determines the ideal lumen count for ambient lighting in any room.  

So, per 100 square ft, there is a requirement of 300-400 lumens of brightness to deliver ambient lighting to the room. 

The light bulbs with the chandeliers are compact and lower the energy costs. The fixtures do have lower wattages but do deliver efficient brightness to the room where they are installed. 

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