Designing the Kitchen Space – Lighting Requirements

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Why is there a need to remodel the kitchen area? The answer is simple: get extra brightness during meal preparation and create an ambient atmosphere for the guest and family members. In addition, the modern kitchen lighting fixtures add class to your interiors. Choosing the right lighting fixtures not only provides you a bright place but makes it easy to finish the daily chores efficiently. 

Brightness is an essential element of any kitchen space. No one wants to buy poor fixtures which need to be replaced from year to year. However, there are many robust designs available for a modern kitchen area. LED kitchen lighting reduces the power consumption and delivers uniform illumination to every corner of the kitchen space. For example, we need ambient lighting to work on specific tasks, but mood lighting is a must on romantic dates.

Create a plan

First of all, draw a rough plan for kitchen decor. Then, take measurements of the kitchen space and plan out the need for the different LED fixtures for the given area.

Another plan is to install lights around the perimeter of the kitchen space. The lights should be placed at even distances to illuminate the countertops and sinks area brightly.

The extra placement of kitchen recessed lighting depends on the individual’s creativity. 

The use of recessed lighting

The recessed lights deliver uniform brightness as well as enhances the beauty of the kitchen decor. 

The recessed lights make the kitchen appearance look clean and savvy. 

They are an efficient choice for countertops and island bars. 

It is common to place the recessed lights at a distance of 4sq ft to 6sq ft on the ceiling.


They enhance the visual interest of the guests by highlighting the counter areas. 


The ultimate enhancement to the kitchen decor is to LED pendants to the given space.

The pendants are available in different shapes and designs. 

The pendant lights enhance the color and texture of the kitchen area; there are different kinds of pendant lights available such as transparent glass pendants, rustic metal, and bold colored pendant lights. 

Multiple light sources

A combination of functional lights is the next level of creativity for the kitchen area.

The lighting allows you to set different moods of brightness to perform various tasks. For example, for a comfortable evening, task lighting and pendants create a comfy environment. 

can lights in kitchen

You can utilize both recessed and task lighting at your disposal to have proper visibility for culinary tasks. 

Color textures

The use of bold color and textures with your LED fixtures enhances the beauty of the kitchen space.

The pendant lights create a striking statement when you infuse colors and textures with them.

One can also highlight the fusion of color and texture using sconces, chandeliers, and flush mounts.


The dimmers help to adjust the mood of the kitchen space. They mainly help to decrease the power consumption and increase the life span of the LED fixture.

Use separate dimmers for different zones inside the kitchen space. The architectural designs give you a wide range of options for suitable LED fixtures.

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