Edge-Lit Panels or Backlit Panels?

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Everyone knows that LED panel lights are the best lighting solution for your office area. But do you have any idea to choose between edge-lit panels and backlit panels? And if you are not sure what to choose, you are not alone.

But if you are planning to switch to LED lights, we want to congratulate you on a great start towards energy efficiency! So when it comes to LED panels, the primary choice you will have to make is between Edge-lit panels and Backlit panels.

Before digging in a little deeper, let us tell you the key difference between both of them. Of course, the major difference between edge-lit and backlit panels is the location of LEDs and the ways of light dispersion from each fixture. But what does that exactly mean? To know this, let’s discuss it in detail.


As the name suggests, LED-backlit panels have LEDs at the back of the lighting frame. They get illuminated directly and are also known as direct-lit panels. The LEDs are pointed downwards, emitting light directly through the lens.

              Pros of Back-lit LED Panels                 Cons of Back-lit LED Panels
Lightweight– The durable and minimalist design of the light makes it lightweight, so installing it in the drop ceiling becomes easier. Deeper Housing – Back-lit panels need deeper housing, making them about two times thicker than edge-lit. And so, they are only installed in drop ceilings.
Affordable – The back-lit LED panels require fewer LEDs than Edge-lit, lowering the cost of fixtures with the finest quality.Bright Spots – Many low-quality back-lit LED panels to create uneven illumination if used for a long time without turning off.


This type of panel light has LEDs that are situated on the edge of the lighting fixture. The light is dispersed through the panel’s lens and gets emitted from either side.

            Pros of Edge-lit LED Panels                Cons of Edge-lit LED Panels
Slim & Sleek – This light is as thin as half an inch, giving them a sleek and sober appearance. Acquire More LEDs – It is costlier than back-lit LED panels because it requires more LEDs to emit a similar amount of light.
Flexible Installing options – Apart from standard drop ceilings, they can also be surface mounted to ceilings or walls due to their ultra-thin frame. Turns yellow – This light, if used for a long time period, turns yellow. Therefore, this light needs frequent replacement.

Which LED panel light is better?

This is still a question of research, but most people believe that Back-lit LED panels are better than edge-lit LED panels for many reasons. First, though both types of lights have different applications, backlit LED panels are technologically advanced.

The quality of the lens in back-lit LED panels is better at an affordable price. They are also more durable and long-lasting. You may also consider it as the best LED office lighting.

Install LED panels now!

Now, when you know the difference between both types of LED panels, choose the best light for your office, store, or any commercial building.

Enjoy the high-quality lighting offered by these panels and upgrade the aura of your area!

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