Everything You Want to Know About Backlit Mirrors

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Backlit mirrors are the most popular mirrors in the vanity range. They are mostly installed inside the bathrooms, and the LED light is present on the backside of the vanity mirror. The subtle light makes it easy to deliver the brightness required for most grooming tasks like shaving or applying make-up.

Whenever you are planning to install LED bathroom mirrors, there two things to keep in mind – Effective brightness due to LED lights and the size of the mirror. Small backlit mirrors can also create a more significant effect inside the bathroom.

With the popularity of backlit mirrors on the rise, Installing wall lights on either side of your mirror is a common alternative that is both attractive and practical. The mirror creates a peaceful environment by emitting a glow that becomes a standout light source in the bathroom.

Your mental health and well-being will benefit from having a practical, well-lit bathroom that also encourages tranquility and relaxation.

Why choose backlit mirrors?

They are the best option for smaller spaces. The additional touch of LED pendants creates a rich experience for the homeowners.

The brightness is adequate, and there is no shadow cast on your face.

LED bathroom mirrors are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.

The backlit mirrors produce a soft glow on your face for precision grooming.

Choosing the right backlit mirror

First of all, take the measurements of the bathroom area where you want to install the backlit mirror. Take into account the overall proportions of the room.

Either choose frameless or with the frame. Backlit mirrors create a beautiful aura inside your personal space. Round or oval-shaped backlit mirrors make a designer statement for your bathroom.


When it comes to bathroom lighting, traditional fixtures can cast shadows on your face and make it difficult to see yourself in complete brightness. It’s more difficult to shave or apply makeup when areas of your face aren’t prominent. A backlit mirror, on the other hand, gives full illumination and evenly spotlights your whole face.

backlit mirror

Backlit mirror LED lighting to deliver warm or cool color temperatures to match your skin tone, but it’s also of high quality to offer you a pure, flawless, and uniform glow. The slow lighting from the mirror’s outlines can make the mirror pop off the wall, adding a sense of depth and creates a serene atmosphere inside your personal space. Unlike traditional lights, LED lights are commonly used in backlit mirrors since they use less energy and last longer.

Apart from beauty, backlit styles also come with cabinet designs that provide space to keep medicines and makeup essentials. They are a perfect blend with vanity LED mirrors. The installation of LED vanity mirrors is more uncomplicated and cost-effective. Less wiring attached to the backlit mirrors makes it less intrusive inside your home. To put it in plain language, backlit mirrors simply make you look and feel good about yourself. They become a design statement for your personal space.

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