FAQ’s About LED Flat Panel and Troffer Lights

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  1. What are the differences between LED flat panels & LED troffer lights?

LED flat panel and troffer lights are recessed drop ceiling fixtures often used in offices and hotels with grid ceilings. They have ideally replaced T5 and T8 fluorescent troffer lights, used traditionally.

  • The difference in their profile

LED troffers are thicker and usually include a center basket and thus preferably installed with high ceilings. On the other hand, the LED flat panels are ideally installed for comparatively shallow ceilings, as their thickness varies just 2 to 3 cm.

  • The lumen efficacy

Troffer fixtures have a comparatively higher lumen efficacy than LED flat panels. A troffer produces over 130 lumens per watt, and LED flat panels provide 110-130 lumens per watt due to an indirect edge-lit LED source.

For more even and familiar illumination, you should go for an LED panel light. And if you are looking for something really extra bright, then an LED troffer fixture would be better.

  • The overall cost 

LED flat panel lights are more inexpensive than LED troffer lights, but if both are an ideal option, you may choose whichever fits your budget. 

LED flat panel lights also come with various mounting options, including recessed mount, surface mount, and suspended hanging mount.

  1. Are LED troffer lights and LED troffer light retrofit kits the same?

When we talk about LED troffer lights, their installation requires the removal of all pieces from the grid ceiling and laying down the new fixture replacement for fluorescent troffers. In comparison, the LED troffer retrofit kit is a partial replacement for the old and obsolete troffers. 

In the case of the retrofit kit, the original troffer fixtures are not removed, but simply the tube and the fixture’s face are replaced with the new troffer retrofit kit. 

  1. How are edge-lit LED panels and backlit LED panel lights different?

The most significant distinction between an edge-lit LED panel light, and a backlit LED panel light is the chip layout. Edge-lit flat panels have their LEDs soldered on the four edges of the frame, whereas backlit flat panels have their LEDs soldered on the back of the panel.

The edge-lit LED panel lights produce much more light than the backlit panels, but its lumen efficacy will undoubtedly suffer. And backlit style panel light fixtures appear slightly brighter for the same wattage panel light fixtures. 

So, if you require gentler ambiance and place a higher priority on comfort over brightness, edge-lit panel lights are recommended.

When it comes to cost, back-lit LED panel fixtures are more inexpensive than edge-lit LED panel fixtures as edge-lit LED panel fixtures come with an in-built PMMA diffuser over the cover. Whereas backlit LED panel fixtures do not, PMMA diffusers account for a significant portion of their cost.

  1. What makes a direct LED troffer different from an indirect LED troffer?

LED direct troffers are the most widespread in the market, while indirect troffers are relatively new. In the direct troffer fixtures, the “direct” denotes that the light is directed downward directly rather than through a diffuser. As with the indirect LED troffer, “indirect” refers to light directed upward before being reflected below by the diffuser.

Bonus Tip –

There are significant distinctions between LED panels and troffer lights, from looks to their performance and applications. But regardless, both designs are perfect upgrades and ideal replacements for fluorescent tube light troffers, saving twice as much energy and significantly reducing maintenance time and costs.

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