Features of LED Backlit Mirrors

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Having a functional, well-lit bathroom that inspires peace and relaxation will positively affect your mental health. But there is a question regarding backlit mirrors. Do they provide enough brightness? The answer is yes; LED mirrors do offer bright illumination for your grooming tasks.

The LED lights are placed behind the mirrors to provide ample illumination to finish your grooming tasks, including shaving or applying make-up. In addition, the bathroom needs adequate lighting as putting a sconce or ceiling light is challenging.  

What is a backlit mirror?

It is a fixture with LED lights on the mirror’s backside, and the lights outline the perimeter. 

The installation of a backlit mirror gives your a functional brightness without the requirement of separate light fixtures.

The warm glow of the lights makes the space comfortable and welcoming for homeowners. 

When the LED bathroom mirror is switched on, the space behind the mirror lights up and delivers a soft frontal glow to your face.


The backlit mirror needs to be separated from the wall. There should be space present between the mirror and the wall behind it.

The space is required for the lights. Therefore, the mirrors are designed with a base that holds the LED lights and allows space between the fixture and the wall. 

LED bulbs

The lights which are installed on the backside of the fixture are LEDs. The small bulbs are arranged in a strip and mounted on the base provided behind the mirror.

The light strip runs along with the perimeter of the base. The mirror wing is connected to the power source. 

Power source

The backlit mirrors require power to function. Usually, an electrical socket on the wall and some new generation fixtures have separate on/off switches.

Many of the backlit mirrors are equipped with sensors that can detect the objects in front of it. Thus, when a thing is present in front of the mirror, the LED mirror brightens automatically. 


The backlit mirrors generally deliver a suitable soft glow for your grooming tasks. However, the exact amount of brightness depends on the number of LEDs used for the fixture.

A LED bulb generally emits 22 lumens, and the strip contains 40 LED bulbs per foot. Bigger is the mirror; bigger is the base.

Backlit mirrors are meant to be installed on the walls. The fixture over the sink space delivers enough light to finish your grooming needs.

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