Guide for Buying the Perfect Chandeliers Lighting

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Once in a lifetime, most of us have wanted to have the chandeliers for dining rooms. As a result, we all have a little crush on this beautiful lighting fixture. This is a decorative and productive piece of home jewelry that adds a beautiful finish touch to an evening event. It is the centerpiece of the house, which attracts everyone’s attention. 

But the main concern is how you would know the right chandelier for your space? Is it too small or big? Or the right style for your place? 

To get the answer to these and more questions, here are the guide or tips you should follow to make your home shine with the perfect chandelier lighting.

1. Size Matters

When it comes to chandeliers lighting, people used to go for big chandeliers. It is a common misconception that big chandeliers look more attractive and are suitable for every place. Try this simple guide. 

Chandeliers for Dining Room:

You should get 12 inches narrower chandelier than the surface of your dining table. 

Keep the chandeliers at a distance of at least 4 feet from the walls. To make sure that chandeliers have enough space around them. 

Living Room Chandeliers:

To get the suitable size- Add the width and length of your room, then convert the total numbers into inches. 

For example, if a room has a length and width of 12 feet * 14 feet, then the required designs would be around 26 inches wide ( 12+14= 26).

2. More is good

living room chandelier ideas

One perfect size chandelier lighting above an island or dining table is enough to make the room decorative. But sometimes, 2 or more chandeliers are better than one. 


For example- If you have a long dining table, you will need more lighting. To make sure that the center or whole table is illuminated, you may need to install 2 or even 3 chandeliers. 

A perfect way to enhance the look and lighting is to go with various smaller chandeliers instead of one large chandelier.

3. Style your space beautifully

Chandeliers for Dining Room

Whether you choose modern luxe, vintage-inspired, industrial, or something different, choose according to your space and the message you want to convey with your chandeliers. 

There are so many options available to make your room stylish and different.

Something classic, traditional and elegant will perfectly complement if your room is full of architectural charm and interest. 

You can keep the look simple or add more bling if the room is modern or spare in design. 

You can also use crystal chandeliers to add vintage charm to the guest cottage’s small kitchen, but don’t place them in the center. Instead, just think about making your light a supporting or lead role in your room. 

We believe that the above-mentioned guide will help you to choose the perfect chandeliers for your room. No matter what style, finish, or size you are looking for. 


You can easily choose your chandelier lighting if you follow the above-mentioned guide. However, the selection of the chandelier also depends on your personal choice or interest. Therefore, get the best style of chandeliers to enhance the beauty of your room.

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