Guide to Buying Bathroom Lighting

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Whether it’s your bedroom or dining room, lighting plays an important role. But bathroom lighting is one of the most important factors. There are various fixtures available for bathroom lighting that work together to form an excellent lighting solution. You can also use bathroom lighting fixtures over mirrors. Follow this guide to select effective bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors. 

Lighting tips for Bathrooms 

Around the Mirror

Bathroom lights work perfectly in the vanity area, around the mirror. Use two-bathroom lighting. 

For mirror lighting, put each one on each side. With this, the lighting creates an even spread, preventing showing splotches and shadows on your face. 

Above the Mirror

Install bathroom lighting fixture above the mirror for better brightness and visibility. It also saves some space. 

Lighted Mirrors

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If you have a shortage of space for lighting fixtures, then you should get LED lighted mirrors for your vanity area. These lighted mirrors come with in-built lighting fixtures. The light comes from mirrors which saves the extra hassle of installing additional lighting fixtures. 

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

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Ceiling lights enhance the ambiance of the bathroom. This wide category includes pendant lights, semi-flush mount lights, flush mount lights, recessed lighting, and chandeliers.  

Chandeliers and Pendant Lighting

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You can easily mount pendant lights or chandeliers in the bathroom. If you want a decorative light for your bathroom and get hanging light fixtures, the choice is up to you. But these can only be hung on high ceilings. Placing them above 3 feet from showers and bathtubs is necessary for safety and good lighting purpose. 

Flush Mounts and Semi-Flush Mounts

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If you are looking for decorative lighting for too low ceiling height, then you should install semi-flush mounts and flush mounts. They can be directly installed on the ceiling and take fairly small space. 

Recessed Lighting

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If you are searching for a discreet and clean look for your ceiling, then you should prefer recessed lighting. 

These lights are installed into the ceiling and practically don’t require much space. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for bath spaces as well as nooks and closets. 

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

You can use any kind of lighting fixture safely if you have a properly ventilated bathroom. 

Install bathroom exhaust ceiling fans to resolve the problems of excessive dampness and moisture. This fan can properly ventilate the bathroom area. Additionally, some of the exhaust fans come with in-built light. 

Bathroom Walls

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Using wall lights provides an excellent complement and sets a good atmosphere or highlights certain things. These modern bathroom wall lighting fixtures, such as mirror lights, are a stylish and functional choice. 

Place these lights around the decor or wall art in order to make them appealing. Along with the decoration purpose, led vanity mirrors can illuminate specific objects or areas. 

How much lighting do you need?

You may require a higher illumination in your bathroom area, depending on the size of the bathroom or the vanity area. In this scenario, you should get LED light with higher lumen output. As long the fixture fits the base and wattage of the required bulb, it will world fine.,  

Some of the bathroom lighting fixtures have in-built LED lights. You can easily find the lumens count in the product description of the LED bulb.

Color Temperature and Light Sources

Color Temperature and Light Sources

Use LEDs with a 2700K color temperature range for an inviting and warm atmosphere. In addition, these LED bulbs come with warm white lighting for an ideal bathroom temperature. 

You can use 3000K or high color temperature lighting for a cleaner and colder look. 

Energy-efficient and Long-lasting LEDs

Always go with LEDs. The LED bulb is a better option than halogen bulbs as long as it easily fits the suggested wattage and base. In addition, this light consumes less energy than other traditional bulbs.  

You can easily find LED bathroom lights as it has become a popular choice. LEDs run longer than any other regular light bulbs. However, check the lifespan of the LED lights in the product description. 

Use Dimmers to change the Levels of Light.

Dimmers are used to change the area’s level of brightness and ambiance. One day, you can set a low level of lighting for a romantic atmosphere, and then the next day, create a high level of lighting for the bright white look. 

Most of the bathroom lighting fixtures are dimmer compatible; still, we suggest checking the compatibility. However, it is always mentioned in the product description whether the light is dimmable or non-dimmable. 


Buying bathroom lighting is essential and dedicated work. You need to understand every basic need of the lighting to choose the right one. Go through all the above-mentioned topics to understand the buying concept of LED lights. Choosing the right bathroom lighting will make your space look appealing and illuminated.

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