Guide to Convert Your Traditional Lights to LED Canopy Lights

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The ceiling canopy lights have come far from traditional metal halides, high-pressure sodium (HPS), and compact fluorescents. Instead, the term canopy lighting defines as outdoor lighting fixtures that are compact and are recessed from the ceiling for better illumination. The LED canopy lights are installed in places where there is frequent footfall. The lights are generally used at gas stations and superstores. 

LED canopies deliver the brightest light, which is essential for the security and safety of your premises. In addition, it brings peace of mind for the business owners and customers. LED canopy lights do reduce your maintenance and utility costs by half. Traditional canopy lighting does not have the necessary safety features and is dangerous as these lights are used at gas stations.

Why upgrade to LED canopies?

Traditional lights need to be replaced frequently. LED canopy lights require less maintenance and replacement. 

The most crucial factor is the utility cost. LED canopies reduce the cost of the establishment by 50%.

Highest lumen output as it makes the business establishment safe and welcoming for the customers.

The LED lights do not suffer the issue of flickering. They are safe to use and have operated for more than 50,000 hours. 

No light degradation even in the coldest weeks of the month. The brightness remains uniform throughout the year. 


Ways to convert your traditional lights to LED canopies

led corn bulbs for gas stations

Install LED Corn Lights in Your Canopy Fixtures

You can convert your existing fixtures to LED by installing LED corn lights. However, a small amount of electrical work is required to remove the ballast part. If you are selecting lights, then try to use flat corn lights for better brightness. Flat corn lights are compact and are the best choice for the existing fixture.

Install LED retrofits

If your existing lights have a wattage limit of 400W or more, you can convert them using LED retrofits. Again, the cost is minimal, and the overall functionality of the LED lamp increases. In addition, the LED retrofit kits change the fixture and make them energy efficient. 

led canopy retrofits kits

Use LED canopy lights

You can simply replace the entire fixture with brand new LED canopy lights. If the old fixtures are rusting or outdated, it’s time to replace them with new ones. Feel free to explore as many options as you can find in the LED market. The advantage of upgrading to LED canopy lights is low maintenance requirements and excellent performance.

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