Home Decor – Complete Guide on Designer Wall Lighting

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The living room is the most important place in the home. Therefore, adding an LED wall sconce to the home decor is a good idea as it enhances the beauty of the interiors. In addition, modern wall lights provide accent brightness which creates a cozy environment for the homeowners. 

Wall sconces are the intelligent choice for any room as they can be paired with chandeliers or recessed downlights to deliver ambient brightness to the given space. There is a wide range of designer wall sconces available for the living room area. So let’s first understand what wall sconces and walls lights are?

Wall Sconces and wall lights

A sconce is usually a light fixture that is installed on the wall using support. Wall sconces can provide up and down light that is perfect for bedroom and living room spaces. Modern-day LED wall sconces come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One can also use LED wall sconces for task lighting purposes, which acts as a great space saver for the bedroom area. Wall lights, on the other hand, generally brighten large areas.

Adding LED wall lights enhances the beauty of your interiors. They add a fantastic layer of brightness to your interiors. Most of the wall sconces are wired, and some of them are battery operated too. The LED wall sconces make the interiors stylish and design-oriented. 

Decorative ideas

Be your best – The use of round wall canopies across artifacts deliver a classic effect to the interiors. In addition, black shades create a formalize look for the interiors. 

Light wall sconces add visual depth and additional elegance to your interiors. 

A small light with a big difference – Sometimes it’s the size which makes a lot of difference. The small light fixtures define a more traditional look to the interiors. 

Modern decor- Be creative and try to involve a contemporary look in your interiors. The use of new geometric designs is best for both uplighting and downlighting. 

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They deliver ambient brightness and act as a decorative statement for your rooms.

Downlight secrets – Down lighting is mainly used for spaces that are hard to reach. 

They increase the visibility of the areas which are hard to reach. Try to combine the wall and table lights to deliver a more effective brightness.


Illuminate the garden –  Some wall lights do add some design aesthetics to the given space. 

Beautify your living room area with energy-efficient wall lights, which are shaped like flowers, petals, etc.

Bigger is better – One of the best ways is to deliver general lighting to the living room to recreate a comfy atmosphere. Round wall lights with up and down illumination create an artistic impression inside the living room. 

Matching designs – The wall lights for the living room come in a wide range of varieties. 

Try to mix contemporary designs such as a fabric top over a metal stem to recreates a classic look inside the living room. 

Clean illumination – Wall lights are the best way to recreate the design of the interiors.

The designs make the room comfortable and elegant. Wall lights on either side of the fireplace enhance the design accent of the interior.

Different accent – Try to add some accent light to your space. Designs made of other materials such as brass and gold become a smart option for the living space and magnify the room’s beauty. 

Appropriate placement – The proper placement of the wall lights in the living room makes a difference in the living room’s brightness.

If you have dark walls and furniture areas, try to use down and up lights for appropriate brightness. 

Patterned wall sconces – Choose the right kind of wall lights and strategically place them to create decorative wall lights for your living room.

The classic design – The selection of cuboid shape wall sconces that deliver brightness both up and down gives the room a geometric look to the interiors.

Easy to install – The plug-in wall sconces do not require hefty installation and simply do not require rewiring. They look elegant and deliver a desired feeling to your room decor. 

Decorative illumination – The living room is the best place to provide designer illumination. 

Some of the most trendy designs come in geometric shapes and sizes—several large wall lights for your living room provide decorative ambiance to your living space.

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