How to Choose the Right LED Wall Pack?

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For many years, wall pack lighting fixtures have been the first choice for industrial and commercial people. These fixtures have used HID lights in the past due to their high brightness output. But in recent years, LED technology has provided the best lighting experience than HID lights. LED wall packs has conquered the industry with its performance quality, service, and durability. This latest technology has helped people save money with low operating, energy, and maintenance costs. In addition, LED wall pack lights provide daylight brightness outside the stores and parking, increasing workplace security and reducing misfortune risk. 

Many first-time buyers face difficulties purchasing the LED wall pack lights due to the differences in wattages and lumens. We will explain all the features and performance of wall pack lights to make your purchase easy. Choosing LED lighting fixtures over the other lightings is a wise choice. Go through this blog to understand the suitable wall packs for your place. 

Choose LED wall packs as per your need.

LED-wall packs come in various sizes and ranges for commercial buildings. You can install them outside any commercial building, parking lots, or for security purposes. Choose a LED wall pack lights as per your requirements. 

Here are a few LED wall pack lights available in the market:

Forward Through

Are you looking to replace your existing wall packs? Forward through can provide excellent brightness outside your stores or commercials. It can easily be mounted outside your building. Forward through wall packs are placed at a high height to give proper light. It throws wide bright light in the forwarding direction at long range. It is a modern technology to brighten up your parking lot and dark building exterior to secure the building parameters. It comes with photocell sensors that automatically turn off the lights in the morning to save energy. 

Semi Cutoff 

LED semi cutoff can reduce the traditional light by using fewer watts to generate the more or same amount of light. It has an ultra-wide-angle beam that distributes downside and wide illumination. Semi-cutoff is a lightweight, energy-efficient, and durability-tested light. You can install it in commercial or industrial areas. In addition, it directs light in a single direction which improves its performance. It also comes with an IP65 rating, making it dust, dirt particles, and water-resistant. 

led wall pack Semi Cutoff


Rotatable LED wall pack lights are considered unique styles and allow light angle customization. This LED wall pack is incorporated to provide 360° illuminations in all directions. With this capability, it offers light distribution as per requirements. You can use this fixture as an outside wall pack at the commercial entryway, industrial facility, wall washer on building exterior, and warehouses. 

LED Rotatable Wall Pack

Wall Pack Features you should consider

LED wall pack lights come with many features such as water protection, durability, long lifespan but some unique features provide great light & efficiency. These features will enhance the customization and convenience of your outdoor illumination.

Photocell (Dusk to Dawn)

Photocell feature in wall packs can help you save the amount of energy. This feature comes in many wall packs, and it automatically turn the light off during the day and on at night. This dusk to dawn feature reduces energy wastage and saves manual operations time. 

CCT changeable

Correlated color temperature is a feature to change the temperature of light. LED wall pack lights are available in 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K. You can select it as your preference. 

DLC and UL Certification

Purchasing certified LED lights are essential to ensure your safety and product quality. Ul is defined as Underwriter Laboratories, and it is one of the oldest safety certifications. In addition, it tests and certifies the product for safety and shockproof.  

DLC is known as DesignLights Consortium. LED Wall packs certified as DLC show excellent product performance and save energy. 

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