How To Make Black on LED Lights

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LEDs are the hot new thing in home decor, but have you ever wondered if they should be used for something other than just lighting? This article will teach how to make your own black light using LED strips. After reading this guide and doing some simple handiwork with basic tools like screwdrivers or pliers it’ll take less than an hour before being able to create awesomely intense colors at night!

The dark is no match for these bright light strips. They’re the perfect way to illuminate your night and make it shine, whether you want an elegant glow or some extra attention on that special occasion!

What Can You Do With a Black Light?

Black lights are a great way to add an extra layer of excitement and mystery during parties. When you need neon-colored things, props or decorations that glow only in the dark environment without using up all your party lighting resources – just turn on some blacklights!

In many cases, police officers will use black lights to investigate crime scenes. UV-A light shines under this type of radiation and can be used for everything from detecting body fluids that are present at a scene all the way up in authenticating priceless antiques or artwork valued millions dollars.

Ways of Making a Black light with LED Light Strips

There are so many ways to make a black light with LED strips. One easy and simple way is by following the instructions in this article, which include what you will need as well as step-by-step guidelines for making your own!

(Using Remote Controller) Option #1

You will be needing a good quality strip light that includes and remote controller with the package. All of our competitors’ lights don’t come with remotes, so if you want them for use as black lights make sure it’s included in your purchase before buying!

Things you will be needing:

Good quality strip lights
Remote controller
Reliable power supply

Step-by-step process:

First you have to install the light strip.
Make sure it is connected to the power supply properly.
Press the DIY button on the remote for color setting.
Hit the red button 25 times.
Now hit the blue button for 25 times.

This is one way to get the perfect blacklight effect with your LED strip lights, and it doesn’t require any elaborate equipment. Simply purchase a good quality controller that has color-change functionality like those found on commercial units for sale in stores or online at places such as Amazon Prime (free shipping). When finished configuring accordingly from thereon out all you need do to make them work well together will be press buttons on this remote until achieving desired outcome – whether daytime colored light outputting white spectrum rays; blueish tinted glow projected onto walls/furniture etc., whichever setting suits best!


(If You Don’t Have Remote Controller) Option #2

LED strip lights are a great way to create ambiance, but if you don’t have the remote control or your package doesn’t include one it can be tough. Luckily there is an easy solution!
The manual process will filter out visible light so only UV rays remain which tells us about their different colors before they’re absorbed by molecules in air and fabric respectively. This option takes time – usually up close where patience might wear thin quickly for some people-and requires special tools that most households don’t own yet; however once complete this transformation makes any smartphone into what appears more like traditional blacklights at home without all those pesky chemicals needed with other methods.

Things you will be needing:

LED strip light (White)
Transparent tape
Purple & Blue marker pen
Step-by-step process:

Step by step process:
First, count the total number of LEDs in your strip. Cut small pieces of clear tape and place them on each light with blue marker to mark out their color sequence- this way you can easily identify how many lights there are when they’re ready for replacement! Next paint over every piece between 2 different colors (e.g., red then green) so that all circuits will be illuminated at once under blacklight illumination – don’t forget about making sure no wires stick out from underneath either side before moving onto next steps or else it may cause shorting damage due excessive heat generated during operation.

how to make your own color on led lights

LED lights are a great alternative to regular bulbs. They last longer, and they don’t produce as much heat. The only downside is that they come in just one color: white! If you want to get creative with your led light colors, then follow these steps and make your own custom led lights!
-1) Get the led strip or led tape of desired length
-2) Connect it all together with the clips provided
-3) Cut off about 3 inches from each end of the strip/tape
-4) Find two wires (one red and one black), cut them both down to size, and solder them onto one end of the leds

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