How to Mount UFO High Bay LED Lights?

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Perfect Mounting of UFO High Bay LED Lights is important for a successful installation. The direction of lighting and maintenance depends on the mounting of lights. Here are the 3 mounting ways of LED warehouse lights you can choose depending on your installation conditions.

1. Hook Mounting

Hook mounting is the most common process used for installing lights placing hooks in the ceiling. 

Hook Mounting ufo high bay lights
Step 1. Firstly, Turn off the power switch

Before installing the UFO LED high bay lights, it is necessary to ensure that the power is off. Installing lights while power is on can lead to electric shock.

Step 2. Proper Wiring

Light’s wire needs to be connected to ac power. Then connect black wires to the live wire, connect the white wires to the neutral line, and connect green wire to the ground wire. Mixing these wires together can cause safety issues, so check the wires before connecting to prevent any safety hazards.

Step 3. Attach the hook

The hook hanger comes in the accessories. Firstly, attach the hook hanger on the top of the high bay light, then use the screw to tighten it on the side to connect the hanger. 

If hook or ceilling is already mounted, LED ufo high bay light could be directly mounted via the hook. You can also drill a hole for hook mounting if it doesn’t work. 

Step 4. Hang the ufo high bay light

If there isn’t a hook installed, install it first. Then hang the LED ufo high bay light using the hook hanger on the mounted hook. 

Step 5. Dimmer connectivity 

If your UFO high bay light has the dimming feature,  there will be two extra wires connected to the dimmer, so you can change the illumination of the UFO light as required. The grey wire in the light defines the “-” adjustment, and the purple wire denotes the “+” adjustment. You can also avoid using the wires if you don’t have the requirement of illumination dimming. 

Step 6. Switching the power on

It is easy to install UFO LED high bay lights. Turn the power on once you connect it to the switch, and the light will be ready to use. 


2. Ceiling Mounting

Apart from the hook mount, high bay lights can be mounted on the ceiling by a U-shaped bracket. However, unlike the hook hanger method, you will have to ready your own U-shaped bracket. You can adjust the angles using this type of frame. If you need a particular lighting angle, we suggest this mounting method. 

Ceiling Mounting ufo high bay lights
Step 1. Cut power

Cutting the power is the primary step in all the methods. Firstly turn off the power and never operate during the power on. 

Step 2. Wires connection

This method will also remain the same. Connect the wires same as the above method and connect all the neutral line, line wire, and ground wire to the AC power. 

Step 3. Mount the U-shaped bracket 

Use screws to mount the U-shaped bracket on the both sides of the UFO LED high bay light and ensure that frame can hang the light. 

Step 4. Hang the U-shaped bracket

Before marking the ceiling, estimate the distance between the two holes on the U-shaped bracket. Then, while drilling the hole on the wall, keep in mind to drill the same as a plastic expansion tube. Finally, tighten the screws via the U-shaped bracket, and tie it to the ceiling. 

Step 5. Adjust the direction and Turn the power on

Use a U-shaped bracket to adjust the angle of the high bay light, then connect it to the power and turn it on.  

3. 1/2’’ NPT Mounting
1/2’’ NPT Mounting ufo high bay lights

Apart from the above-mentioned method, 1/2” NPT mount is also suitable for LED pole lights. A bracket and steel pipe are used to fit the light rather than mounting it directly to the ceiling. Therefore, you can consider it as an easy way to install lights. 

All of the installation methods mentioned above are suitable for ufo high bay light. Choose from the according to your actual situation or take professional advice.

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