How to Replace Traditional Neon Lights With New Generation LED neon rope lights?

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The emergence of LED technology has taken over the illumination market in recent years. While choosing lights for home decor, the choices are immense, and the trend changes from time to time. The neon lights are the most popular options available in the decor market.

Flexible LED neon rope lights come in various colors and are the most economical option for home and commercial decor. They are bright and colorful. The neon rope lights are also used for advertising purposes.

Earlier, traditional glass neons were used for decoration purposes, and they were very costly when it came to maintenance and power utilization. Versatile LED neon ropes are energy-efficient and come in a variety of colors. Let’s discuss the advantages of LED neon rope lights.

The advantages of LED neon rope lights

Flexibility – The primary advantage of LED neon ropes is the flexibility that they deliver. Glass neons require more tools and attachments but LED neon ropes to have 3M tapes on the backside for easy installation.

Free your creativity and created numerous designs with LED neon ropes. The material is lightweight and does not break easily, whereas glass neons are fragile.

The flexibility of LED neon ropes allows them to be great runners for staircases, sharp corners, and floors. 

Easy to install – No special team or light professional is required for installation. Glass neons are delicate, and there are chances of mercury spillage. 

The LED neon ropes are available in pre-built kits, which are easy to install and easy to remove—adhesive tapes on the backside of the LED neon ropes hold the fixtures with great strength. Doubling of the LED neon ropes has a minimal effect on the brightness. 

Brightness – LED rope lights to create more lumens per foot and deliver a constant brightness. Glass neons have uneven brightness as the light source is not continuous, and there are dark spots.

The gas present inside the glass neons excites unevenly, and the brightness is not powerful enough. In contrast, LED neon ropes deliver soft brightness, and the series is evenly lit for better visibility. 

Life span – LED neon ropes require less electricity than traditional glass neons, making them energy efficient. LED neon ropes glow brightly, and they can perform for more than 50,000 hours.

Glass neons have exciting gases present inside, and their longevity decreases from prolong usage. 

Power efficiency – They require a fraction of voltage to run efficiently. By using energy-efficient LED neon ropes, you can save a lot of electricity and money. In addition, the LED neon ropes are less expensive than the traditional glass neons.


Eco-friendly – The LED neon ropes have a small carbon footprint and are easy to dispose of, whereas glass neons have exciting gases like mercury, lead and are harmful to the environment.

How to install LED neon ropes?

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The LED neon ropes are super easy to install, and there is no need for professional help. 

Flexible LED neon ropes have a minimum adjustable bend diameter of 3cm and a thickness of 6mm.

Measure and cut the LED neon ropes to the required length. If you require a long-running rope, then additional power supplies are needed. 

Try to create the cuts on the marked areas where PVC insulation is present. 

Use an end cap to cover the end part of the LED neon ropes. Next, install the mounting clips and tracks and gently push the LED neon rope until it fills the space. 

Secure the power adapter. 

Why do glass neons malfunction?

Glass neons are fragile, requiring gases like mercury, etc., to excite them for illumination.

They have a traditional problem of flickering and are not easy to install. 

Power issues – If you see glass neons flickering or unevenly lit, the first thing you need to check is the power supply.

The gas gets leaked and pollutes the environment. A single defective tube section can make the glass ropes go uneven. 

Structural problems – The structural integrity of the glass neons get compromised due to the long run. 

For example, a minor crack in the glass tube can cause damage and stops the consistent supply of power inside the glass neons.   

Repair schedule

If you see flickering, check the power circuits first to make sure that the fixture is getting the required amount of power. 

Use tools like a multimeter to check the voltage in all locations. Next, check whether broken or shorted wires are there in the fixture and repair them. 

Repair or replace the glass neon lights as it is a structural malfunction. The fragile nature of the glass neons is the most critical disadvantage, and it shortens the life of the fixtures.

You need to isolate the broken or cracked fixture as harmful gases like mercury gets released into nature. 

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