LED Battery Operated Exit Signs for Emergency Situations

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Self-luminous LED exit signs are the most common light fixtures that can be found inside the building interiors. The most cost-effective and favored lighting fixture for emergencies is the standard LED exit signage. The exit signs always come with a powerful battery backup that can run continuously for long hours in a power failure.

LED exit signs with battery backup are needed for residential and commercial premises to protect the employees and the visitors. Battery usage is a valuable tool to keep exit signs bright and visible at the time of emergency. The International Building Code sets some important norms and guidelines for the safety of the premises and the individuals. The exit lights must operate from 90 minutes to 120 minutes at the time of emergency.

How do LED exit signs function?

Most of the exit signs use LED technology nowadays. This is because they are pretty compact and consume less power. The building’s primary grid continuously powers the LED exit signs, called the AC current. 

The LED exit lights deliver a high brightness volume for better visibility of the exit zones in an emergency. For a continuous supply of power, the Exit Signs for Emergency need the help of a transformer to change the AC to DC. 


When there is a power outrage due to an emergency, the LED signage draws power from the battery backup. Thus, it gives sufficient time to the individuals to leave the premises. Batteries do play an essential role at the time of power failure.

Visibility during emergencies

The main thing is to remember self-luminous exit signs are more advantageous than conventional ones. However, the standard safety codes mention that the building must have 24 hours internally illuminated exit signs in operation and temporary exit signages.

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The organizations which come with safety standards are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), International Fire Code (IFC), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Electric or non-electrical

Self-luminous exit lights have the advantage of utilizing photoluminescent technology, which draws zero energy from the primary grid and reduces the carbon footprint of the fixture. 

They can absorb and store energy and utilize the brightness at the time of emergency. LED exit lights also stand out as a good option when compared to conventional exit signs. They do not require regular maintenance and stay illuminated for an average of 90 minutes at the time of emergency.

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