LED Downlights vs. Conventional Halogen Downlights

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New lighting can change the whole ambiance of your home or the given space. Whether you’re building, renovating, sharing a room, an instant freshens up; new lights are essential for improving how it feels in every corner. The biggest frustration with the conventional halogens is that the power consumption is very high, and regular replacement of the bulbs makes it a costly affair. 

LED downlights are quality tested and can last 25 times more than the conventional halogens. They are great energy-savers and bring down the annual budget of any premise by 50%. Lighting designs are limitless when it comes to LED downlights. First of all, let’s understand what LED downlights are?

LED downlights are fixtures that throw light downwards on a given space. These fixtures are recessed to the ceilings and throw a narrow beam of brightness downwards on a given area. The LED downlights come with durable housing and a transformer to convert the power voltage so that the fixture can operate efficiently. 

Comparison between traditional halogens and LED downlights

There are functional differences between halogen and LED downlights. For example, traditional halogens generate brightness through heat, whereas LED downlights generate lights by converting electrons. 

Energy usage

Energy consumption is also a matter of concern. Halogen can consume over 35W to 500W of power when used continuously, and LED downlights primarily to 20W in an hour. In addition, the LED downlights bring a significant reduction in your annual, whereas traditional halogens skyrocket your expenses.


Continuous use

When it comes to longevity, traditional halogens can last up to 2000 to 5000 hours, whereas LED downlights can operate for more than 50,000 hours. The LED downlights can last 5 times longer than the traditional halogens. 


Halogen lights generate plenty of heat and sometimes can cause a fire inside the given space. It happens due to incorrect installation of the light fixtures. 

LED downlights to emit 80% less heat than the traditional halogen lights and are safe to use. They also improve the safety measures of the interiors. 

LED Downlights

Upgrading to LED downlights

Ensure to turn off the power source before changing the existing light fixture.

Pull the traditional fixture out from the installation space.

Try to take the help of a professional light expert as they have sound experience about lumen intensity and voltage used for the interiors. Let the experts help you out to make a clear layout of the interiors. 

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