LED Office Lighting – Tips for Efficient Brightness

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Nowadays, LED lights have replaced the conventional light mediums used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, LED lights are more efficient and brighter than traditional lights. Therefore, they are an attractive option for several interior settings such as office space. 

Proper lighting is an essential part of any office space. It has a significant impact on the area where people have their workstations. Uneven lighting causes eye strain and fatigue for the team members. It hampers the work productivity of the employees. If you want to make your office space more efficient, then choose LED lights over traditional ones. 

Tips for uniform illumination inside the workplace

Lumen requirement

There are many benefits to choosing LED fixtures for your office space. However, as per US General Services Administration, specific criteria must be maintained while illuminating an office space. The lighting should be kept in such a way that it brightly shines the interiors uniformly. The minimum lumen strength required for the interiors is 

AreaLumen requirement
Normal work stations500 lumens
Conference rooms300 lumens
Internal corridors, entrance lobbies200 lumens

Pros of LED lights

The LED bulbs can operate for more than 10 to 20 times compared to the conventional ones. 

The power consumption is less. There is also a reduction in utility bills. The brightness is uniform and does not harm the employees’ health.  

LED lights have lesser heat output than traditional ones. This is why LED lights are more energy-efficient. In addition, they utilize less wattage to operate.

The LED lights do not contain toxic gases like mercury. They are eco-friendly and safe for the office environment. One can easily recycle the light fixtures. 

Choosing the right color

In residential spaces, people tend to use lights with lower color temperatures. It gives cozy warm yellow light, which is suitable for the premises. 

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Higher color temperature is suitable for office spaces. However, conventional lights with low strength can cause eye strain and headaches. LED office lighting delivers appropriate brightness to the workplace.

Diffused lighting

Inside the office space, the lights need to be distributed equally all over the area. Therefore, LED downlights and LED panel lights do not cast a shadow over the place. Instead, they have a spread brightness that reaches every corner of the office space.  

The LED panel lights make the office interiors more efficient and positively impact team member productivity. As a result, they are a popular alternative to power-hungry traditional fluorescent lamps.

Smart lighting

Daylighting is a beautiful concept, and you can install day-sensing sensors in your office space to bring natural brightness to your work desk. 

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The lighting solution proves to be healthy and effective. These sensors also help to reduce the energy cost and make the employees proficient. In addition, the lights improve the worker’s productivity and concentration. 

Try to avoid annoying brightness

Do not subject your employees to unsuitable conditions. For example, proper LED lights deliver uniform brightness to the floor, which increases their work efficiency. 

Conventional lights with flicker issues disturb the circadian rhythm of the employees. In addition, poor lighting brings a sense of fatigue among workers. Finally, over-illumination leads to a negative impact on team member’s health. 

Install lighting controls

The ultra-modern dimmers and lighting controls are designed to save energy for an office space. In addition, adding light controls brings natural lighting to your artificial interiors.

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They help you to save money by regulating the brightness of the premises. You can also dim the lights where there is little traffic present. Lighting controls add flexibility to the illumination hours of the building. 

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