Improve Work Productivity with LED office Lighting

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Poor lighting performance of ordinary lights strains your eyes, leading to headaches and slow work productivity. Bright office lighting is needed for better work productivity and a pleasant environment. Switch to LED office lighting, it can solve all problems and provide perfect lighting solutions. LED lights will increase the focus and positively affect your team member’s work life. 

LED lights are renowned for their quality performance, energy efficiency, and brighter lighting. In addition, these lights run longer than any other ordinary lighting fixtures and lower maintenance costs. So you don’t need to worry about electricity bills and frequent replacements with this light. LED office lightings have two best lighting fixtures, such as LED downlights and LED panel lights, that will solve all your lighting needs with lower energy consumption. Please read this blog to understand their specifications and choose wisely according to your requirements for better lighting performance. 

Better office lighting with LED Panel Lights 

When it comes to office lighting, LED panel lights are the primary choice for business owners. However, LED panel lights are currently considered for other residential and commercial areas too. They are durable and consume less energy than other lighting. LED office lighting gives a pleasant and better lighting experience. It comes in different sizes and CCTs that throw higher illumination. Therefore, LED lights are better and offer various benefits than fluorescent light. 

Energy Efficient: Replace your fluorescent lights with low-watt LED panel lights that consume less energy and produce more illuminations. Save higher energy costs with LED panel lights. 

High-performance lighting: LED panel lights offer bright illuminations and don’t flicker. Unlike traditional lighting, it provides strain-free and pleasant lighting. Using this light in your office will increase your focus and work productivity. This light comes in different lumens, including 4200, 4800, and 6600. Higher lumens mean higher brightness.  

Changeable color temperature: LED panel lights come in various color temperatures ranging from 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K, which enhance your office ambiance. In addition, LED office lighting also comes with great features that allow changing the CCT as per your lighting needs. 

changeable color temperature

Most common sizes: Sizes are the most important factor in LED panel lights. Commonly available sizes in panel lights are 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4. This LED office lighting can be easily installed on the drop ceiling after checking the size compatibility. 

Most common sizes led panel lights

Illuminate your office with LED downlights 

Are you looking for better lighting for office areas? Try using LED downlights for brighter office illumination. Moreover, it can also be used in various areas such as closets, kitchens, hallways, entrances, and family rooms. Unlike panel lights, it is placed in recessed ceilings, not on drop ceilings. LED office lighting is designed to throw illumination at a wide beam angle for better visibility. With LED downlight lighting, the objects appear in their actual color. 

Illuminate your office with LED downlights 

Some specialty of Downlight which makes them perfect for office lighting:

Variation of types and sizes: LED downlights come in a wide range of sizes, including 4 inches, 5inches, 6inches, 8inches, and 10inches. Check the dimensions carefully before finalizing the downlight. You can choose the downlight fixtures according to your requirement, and available fixtures are a slim round downlight, disk light, an eyeball downlight, a baffle downlight, and a square downlight. 

Higher Lumens and Color temperature: Generally, Color temperature improves the ambiance and appearance of the lighting. It ranges from 3000K to 5000K.

LED Downlights with higher lumens throw brighter illumination that goes from 600Lm to 2250Lm. 
Long Lifespan: Compared to ordinary lights, a downlight has a longer lifespan. You don’t need to think about regular replacement of lights as downlights are tested to run upto 50000 hours. 

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