LED Parking Lot Lights: Things You Should Understand

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A parking lot is a place where a bright light is a must at night. But choosing perfect parking lot lights is important too. Nowadays, LED Parking Lot Lights continually prompt owners of large places to upgrade lighting fixtures by adding them. This is because traditional lights are not as worthy to benefit you as LED lights. On the other hand, the parking lot needs to be illuminated without leaving any dark spots for safety and security reasons. So, if you are thinking of shifting from traditional lights to LED parking lot lights, it is a good idea.

How are LED lights better than HID?

HID stands for high-intensity discharge, and it is a gas-discharge arc lamp in which two electrodes pass an electric current to emit light. On the other hand, LED stands for light-emitting diode, and it uses a solid-state technology to emit light through its electrical circuit. LED lights will benefit you with a long lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and save on utility bills. Furthermore, LED lights eliminate the wasted use of energy. LEDs can efficiently use most of the energy to emit light, and very few percent of energy will waste as heat. Whereas conventional HIDs need time to warm up before illuminating the place. 

LED lights are a very good option if you want an eco-friendly lighting fixture. These lights emit fewer carbon compounds and do not contain hazardous substances like mercury and lead. However, HID contains gas components such as sodium, mercury, or metal halide lamp. 

LED parking lot lights placement

When it comes to parking lots, most of the lighting fixtures are attached to the poles for better illumination. You should keep in mind that LEDs can work efficiently in your existing lighting fixtures, such as poles. If your existing lighting fixture is in good condition and appropriate to use again for LED lights, then you should go for it as it will save your cost of removing poles. Also, LED lights can illuminate your entire parking lot with fewer lighting fixtures. For example, if traditional lighting illuminates your parking lot lights with approximately 7-8 pole lights, LED lights can illuminate the same in 3-4 pole lights. Now, you need to decide whether to leave or remove the poles.

Characteristics of LED parking lot lights 

Characteristics of LED parking lot lights 

The characteristics of LED parking lot lights clearly state that they are better than traditional ones. LED lights allow you to choose the desired color temperature by offering different options. You can find the apt nature of the light in LEDs that you want to disperse in your parking lot. Along with this, LED parking lot lights are capable of showing the most accurate color as they come with high CRI. In addition, these lights come with ingress protection (IP) to ensure that they are suitable for outdoor locations in extreme weather conditions. 

Control over LED parking lot lights

The advanced technology of LED parking lot lights not only makes them better than others but they offer additional benefits by giving you full control over lighting. For example, some LED parking lot lights come with a dimming ability that allows you to regulate the brightness with the help of compatible dimmers. Other beneficial features are photocell and motion sensors. The photocell feature will automatically switch on the light when the sun sets and vice versa. The motion sensors detect the movement of people and objects in a specific area to flare the illumination automatically.


After knowing the characteristics and benefits of LED parking lot lights, it is simple to understand that LED lights are the most suitable for large places. These are the most important things that you should keep in mind when you are going to buy a lighting fixture for your parking lot. The demand for LEDs is rapidly increasing, and you can also avail the advantages of the features by replacing your lighting fixture with LED.

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