LED Pole Lights For Outdoor Lighting 

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Light poles play a vital role in outdoor lighting that illuminates the roads to guide people in darkness. These lights help in visibility and ensure safety while significantly reducing the risk of unfortunate accidents and situations. In addition, LED pole lights are resistant, durable, and robust compared to fluorescent lights. 

Outdoor Parking is one of the most critical places for placing pole lights. LED parking lot lights offer the best visibility and lighting, which helps avoid mishaps during vehicle parking. In addition, LED pole lights provide a wide range of varieties and features that can be opted for as per your requirements. Many lighting manufacturers believe that the light poles enhance the beauty and illumination of private & public properties. 

Various types of pole lights are available in the market, depending on the outdoor location. Here are some outdoor LED pole lights available in the market:

  • Yard Light
  • LED Post Top Light
  • Flood Light
  • LED Solar Street Lights
  • Yoke Mount Light
  • Universal Mount Light
  • Slip Fitter Mount Light

Above mentioned pole lights can be placed at different locations, including parking lots, garden spaces, walkways, streets, and backyards. 

However, consider these essential points before you make your mind to choosing the right pole lights: 

LED Pole Lights Mounting

Before installing the pole lights, concerned authorities should select the types of mounts depending on their requirements. Mount is a component of pole lights that decide the installation site. There are three types of pole mount available in the market:

  • Universal Mount – With a universal mount, you can install lights anywhere you want. You can install it on both walls and poles. They are mainly used for street and parking lights.
  • Slip Fitter Mount is an adjustable mount mainly used to enhance outdoor security and safety. It illuminates parking lot lights, pathways, etc., mostly on poles. 
  • Yoke Mount is used to place LED lighting fixtures on flat surfaces or outdoor walls to illuminate the areas. This mounting is used primarily to improve outside security and illumination. 

Outdoor Lighting Performance

Performance of your outside area and parking lighting is crucial. Make sure that people feel safe in your parking area, and ensure complete visibility as they drive and walk around the parameter. 


LEDs have a multi-point design, which helps them to throw evenly distributed light on the intended surface. Moreover, LED parking lot lights come with various range of color temperatures, which provide a wide range of choices to increase the brightness. The LED pole lights come with high lumens to provide a tremendous amount of illumination at nights.   

To avoid any damages and issues, most of the outdoor light poles are built-in with IP65, which donates that the lights are weather and water-resistant. Nowadays, LED light poles also come with Photocell sensors which automatically turn off the pole lights in the morning and turn them on in the evening. 

Energy Consumption and Lifespan

Operating Parking or street lights for continuous 8 hours per night, meaning high energy expenses. The price increase depends on the watts of energy consumption. Standard lights consume more watts of energy to produce lights. But LEDs have the same amount of lights at almost 30% lower energy consumption. Therefore, you can save a good amount of money with LED poles or parking lights. LED pole lights come with motion sensor which detect the movement of the area. With Motion sensors, lights automatically get dim in empty parking or area, which helps in saving energy.  

Most of the outside lights demand regular changing as they stop working after a time. A LED outside pole lights last 2-10 times compared to other alternatives lights. Typically, LED Parking light comes with a minimum warranty of 5 years, whereas other lights provide 1-2 years of warranty. 


LED Pole Lights are one of the most demanding products in the market. Whether it is energy-saving, brightness, design, technology, and color temperature, LEDs are better in every

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