LED Strip Lighting Ideas

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Every LED decorative light has its specifications and usage. The lighting professionals come up with LED strip lighting ideas for both your interiors and exteriors. However, when it comes to decorating your home with the brightest and colorful lights, No other source works effectively like the LED strip lights. 

These light strips are available in three rich colors: blue, yellow, warm white, and mixed. We can use LED strip lights for interiors, bedrooms, living room, exterior walls, etc. But, first, let’s discuss the kind of illumination that can be created using LED strip lights.

What do you require for decorative wall lighting?

First of all, prepare a plan and take the space measurements to install LED lights. Then you will get an idea of how many LED light strips for a room are required. 

Paste the lights with the use of 3M tape fixed on the backside. 

Connect the strip lights with the power supply. If you are using RGB light, then connect them to the controller first.

Try to test the LED strip lights first for any kind of malfunction. 

Decorative lights for television

Installing the strip lights on the back of your television is the most straightforward task.  

The vision is excellent, and it sets the mood for that perfect date. For the TV set, RGP light strips are the best choice for a colorful effect. 

TV set light is not like wall lighting, so you need to use fewer bulbs for decorations. Likewise, small LEDs need fewer lights, and big ones need a little more. Mainly. 1-2mt of strip lights is required for the television.

tv backlight led strip lights

Some LED television sets to come with USB ports, so choose strip lights powered through a USB p ort with 5V. Use a 12V DC adapter if you don’t want to go with a USB port.


Paste the strip light behind the TV and connect it with the power adapter or USB port.

Check once and use the remote control to change the colors of the LED strip lights. 

LED strip lights for bedrooms

The bedroom is an essential part of any household. It is the place where you seek some comfort and relaxation at the end of a busy day. 

One can use bedroom LED strip lights for accent lighting just for warm white brightness—the lights which offer different color temperatures set the mood straight to comfort. 

led light strips for bedroom

Using the strip lights, you can decorate your closet area. Use the adhesive tapes present on the backside of the strip lights to set them in place.

LED strip lights for living rooms

One can use LED strip lights in all the room spaces inside the house. However, single-colored strip lights or RGB lights are the best choices for the living room.

Ceiling LED strip lights make the room luxurious and welcoming for family members and guests. First of all, prepare a plan where you want the strip lights to be installed.

Prepare the power driver to know the max power of the light strip. Then, connect the power supply and check whether everything is running smoothly or not. 

ceiling led strip lights

The strip lights also come with a dimmer function to control the brightness of the lights. Dimmers help in choosing the correct brightness as per requirement and save you a lot on power consumption. 

You can change the colors using wireless remote controls, which makes them an attractive choice for homeowners. In addition, the versatility and flexibility of the LED strip lights make them an efficient option for lighting professionals. You can be creative with the LED strip lights according to your requirements.

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