LED Strip Lights: Cutting and Connecting

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LED strip lights are the most versatile lighting products and go smoothly with your requirements. They complete your mood lighting needs with extreme flexibility and durability. But there is one question that arises when someone is using decorative LED strip lights

Define LED strip lights?

The LED strip lights are slim strips with tiny SMD chips that emit light and brighten a given area. 

They are flexible and can be used in any space. The lights do come in a durable waterproof casing and can be installed at wet locations.

The areas of application are kitchen under-cabinets, bedroom, swimming pool area, etc.; the LED strip lights are safe when installed and used correctly.

Can you cut LED lights, and they still work?

The answer is yes; one can cut LED strip lights as per your requirements. However, you have to cut them along the designated lines. 

The strip lights are made up of several individual circuits. Each cut line demarcates the end of one circuit and the start of a new one.

Cutting elsewhere than the designated lines will damage the strip lights. It is easy to cut the strip light with scissors. 

Can you cut LED lights anywhere else?

Instead of cutting the designated lines, there is a risk of damage to the strip lights if you cut any other part. 

The circuits are close to designated points, and it is safe to cut them. As a general rule, if there are 30 LEDs per meter, the cutting lines are every 10cm.

Locate the copper pads in the LED strip lights to ensure that you have quickly identified the cutting lines.

if  you cut an led strip will it still work
Will both sides of the, LED strip light work after cutting them?

The answer is yes, both sides of the strip light will work even after you cut them. The main reason is the designated cutting points. 

The cutting points are a safe place where you can carve the strip lights without damaging them.

Each section of the cutting point has a circuit of its own, and it is easier to cut according to your requirements.

How to cut LED strip lights?

First, check the LED strip lights by connecting them to a power source as cutting or soldering finishes your warranty period. 

The next step, determine the length of the strip. Again, be accurate with the measurements. Then, choose the cutting line on the LED strip which is closest to the measure.

Cut along the designated line with the help of a knife or scissors. After cutting the strip light, you need to decide how you will connect it with the power source. 

Can we use dimmable drivers with LED strip lights?

These lights are indeed dimmable, and the drivers power the LED strip lights. Therefore, the drivers need to cover the wattage of the strip.

The LED strip lights always require a constant power source for better lumen efficiency and power consumption. 

Troubleshooting measure

Customizing the LED strip lights can be a challenging task. Mistakes may happen, so follow the given measures while cutting. 

can you cut led strips
  • Check whether the LED strip lights are designed to have designated cut areas or not. 
  • The damage is done if the cuts were made on any other part of the designated area.
  • The second measure is to check that all cuts were made at the right place or not. 
  • Cutting outside the designated area will damage the individual circuit. So you need to revive and trim back to the closest cutting line. 
  • If the LED strip lights operate with different brightness shades, then it faces a voltage drop. 

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