LED Vanity Mirrors – Simple Installation Guide

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The LED vanity mirror is a crucial design factor of any household. Unfortunately, standard mirrors do not have any chance against the moisture present inside the bathroom area and do not provide adequate visibility for precision grooming tasks. 

Bathroom mirrors with LED lights deliver a bright reflection to the individual and eliminate the creation of dark spots. In addition, LED vanity mirrors to have ambient lighting, which is not harsh on the eyes and the interiors. Whenever you buy a LED vanity mirror, either in-store or online, it’s better to check the safety guides for correct installation.

A simple installation guide for users 

Remove the fixture from the box 

The first and foremost step is to remove the LED vanity mirror from the original package. You have to be very cautious as there may be essential components inside the box apart from the mirror itself. 

Prepare the fixture to install

Read the instructions manual and check whether all pieces and components are present with the mirror.

Next, check the power supply and the voltage. Then, use the voltage detector to check the level.

Use ammonia-free window cleaner to clean the mirror.

Electrical connection

The recommended connection is the standard wiring of the house. The permanent house wiring does not distort like other cables. 

Dimmer sensor

The dimmer switch will not work with the standard mirror fixtures. If the mirror comes with a dimmer configuration, then read the instructions present in the manual clearly and assemble the dimmer and LED fixture accordingly.


Home circuit wiring

Generally, the circuit wiring of the house is located at the center of the wall where the vanity mirrors need to be mounted. 

Ensure that the house wiring is at least 4 inches from the center of the LED vanity mirror, ensuring maximum safety for the individual.

Front illuminated mirrors – The outside of the frame will be approximately 1 inch inside the perimeter of the meter. The inner frame is 4.75 inside the outer frame. The upper mounting bar is 8 inches on the top of the outside frame. 

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Side illuminated mirrors – The outer measurement of the frame needs to be 2.5 inches from the inside perimeter of the mirror. The top mounting bar is 4.25 inches from the top frame. 


Check that the mirror measurements are at the right level. Then, before installing the frame, double-check the measurements to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Assemble the screw and the supplied hardware to mount the aluminum frame. Do not use power drills for the installation process.


The wiring is the most critical and complex part of the LED vanity mirrors. Hire a qualified electrician to get the work done. 

Turn the power supply to check the wiring.

Hang the mirror on the frame and remove the corner protectors and frontal film of the vanity mirror. 

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