LED Wall light Ideas

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In the darkness of night, the garden and home outline look fabulous with bright lighting. 

There is no other magic and beauty better than outdoor LED wall light in the darkness. 

When placed well, outdoor lighting offers a mysterious, appealing look. But remember not to add too much lighting; otherwise, you will lose your surrounding view and charms. Make the lighting in a way to captivate your guest rather than dazzle them. 

Create the ideal lighting atmosphere you want with LED up and down light. The outdoor lighting will provide depth and warmth to your outdoor design by spotlighting your landscapes. So go through with this blog on wall lighting ideas to make your area look brighter and exquisite from dust until dawn.   


If you want to highlight landscapes and architectural features, spotlights are the best choice. Just position it in a way so the light can reach every spot to avoid darkness in any area. For example, place LED wall lights in the corners to illuminate the dark spot in your areas. 

If you have a rectangular and long garden, place the lighting up to highlight decorative elements, plants, and trees to break up the long stretch of darkness. If you have the garden beds, point the LED light downwards to enhance their beauty.

You can also place spotlights in unsafe areas to keep an eye on the darker surrounding areas. Good spotlighting will prevent any mishaps in darkness. 

Blending Lights 

Looking for a light to give your outdoor entertaining area a beautiful look? Add ambiance by mounting a light on a nearby wall. LED up and down light is the ideal lighting fixture to give the ambient vibe to the outdoor area. It will softly highlight you and your guest without straining eyes. 

Door Frame Lighting 

Highlight your front doors by placing a wall of lights on them, making them look attractive. Get these door frame lighting in LED to get higher brightness and lower energy consumption. 

LED Wall light

You can also install the downlight above the porch area, it depends on your preference. 

Front Porch Lighting

Give a more stylish look to your porch light, and try placing a circular wall light close to your front door. Along with enhancing the styling of your front entrance, it will also provide illumination for you and your family‚Äôs safety. 


Illuminate The Windows 

Place wall lights between your windows to add symmetry and glory. Light up the architectural design with LED wall lights to enhance the style and look of your home. Consider various ways and lights to add contrast. For example, The circular LED wall light is best for brightening large rectangular windows. 

Secret Garden Lighting 

Installing outdoor LED wall lights around the border of your backyard will create a magnificent garden with a soft glow and warm feeling. In addition, LED downlight will help prevent any mishap by illuminating the way for safety. 

Statement Lighting

Do you have modern art sculptures or large ornaments? Place a light on the wall to focus on the decorations and create a fantastic impression. 

Fire Lighting

Install wall lights nearby your fire table to add warmth. Choose a light with a downward throw of light to brighten up the walkways.

For barbecue night, consider placing a wall light around them to give a good ambiance while cooking on the barbecue. 

Safety Lighting 

Darkness leads to the unfortunate, to prevent that add a wall lights to your walkway and entry. LED up and down light delivers a good amount of light downwards to the wall, giving clear visibility. Along with safety purposes, it also adds a charming impact. 

Things to Look in a Lighting Company 

Everyone installs outdoor wall lighting only once. So, When you are searching for a well-known lighting company, there are a few things to look for. For example, the lighting company should offer a warranty on the lights. This provides trust in the lighting quality and performance and keeps your investment safe.

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