LED Wall Packs: Full Cut Off vs. Semi Cut Off

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In recent times, LED technology has surpassed all the traditional counterparts with greater efficiency and durability. Switching to LED wall pack lights will skyrocket your profits by 75% and give the space a boost of safety and security.

Let’s first understand what LED wall pack brightness is? LED wall pack lights are primarily installed in the exteriors of the building. These lights are mounted on the walls of the buildings, which are facing the outside. It is done to deliver equal brightness for the visitors and their vehicles.

The lights are an added point of security for the residential or commercial premises. The lights help to remove dark spots and glare and enable the security to monitor the incoming traffic. The lights keep the premises safe from intruders and as well as accidents. 

Benefits of wall packs

There is no requirement for regular maintenance. The lifespan of the LED wall packs is 40 times more than the conventional ones.

The lighting quality is more improved than the conventional ones. This is because the CRI (color rendering index) measures the light’s detection of the actual color. So whether’s the light it’s warm or bluish-white, the CRI measures the efficiency.


The LED wall packs are power-efficient, and the energy consumption is 70% lower than the traditional lights. 

Difference between full cut off Vs. semi cut off

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Full cut off wall packs means that all lights are down, and the glare range is between 80 to 90 degrees.  For more information, visit the research page.

The light beam focuses downwards as the chipboard is placed horizontally, and the shield covers the upper part of the light. 

These light fixtures are used in a narrow passage, and they eliminate glare and increase the visibility of pedestrians.   

Semi cut off wall packs are light sources where the chip gets placed on a slope. Some of the light beams are directed towards the sky, so they are semi cut offs. 

They are primarily used on broad streets and entryways. They are designed for a forward throw of light.

The fixtures are installed a little higher on the building walls to deliver brightness to outlying areas. 

The area of application is schools, hospitals, warehouses, etc.

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