Lighting Comparison: LED High Bays vs. LED Low Bays

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Choosing LED high bays or low bays for the given space is totally dependant on the facility owners. However, the lights increase the safety norms of the facility and ensure a positive influence on the workers. In addition, the work efficiency increases, and the premises get uniform brightness from the fixtures. 

Before you install the bay lights, you need to consider specific criteria such as. 

  • The height of the ceiling from the floor
  • The operational time of these fixtures
  • Can you retrofit your traditional fixtures to LED technology?

First, let’s understand what bay lights are. They are lamp fixtures installed inside large spaces and require a height range of 12ft or more. 

Low bay lights are a welcoming feature for residential spaces having ceilings heights till12ft. They are generally used to illuminate low ceilings. The lights can be recessed, surface mounted and suspended mount.

If you consider illuminating a storage bay or warehouse, you need to consider high bay lights like the linear high bay LED lights and UFO led high bay light.

Generally, extensive facilities like storage godowns or warehouses have ceiling heights of more than 20ft to 40ft. Therefore, the LED high bay fixtures

are an optimal choice for large interiors. They are called bay lights because the ceilings are steel-made, and the overhead is quite significant. 

The difference between high bay and low bay lights

Low bayHigh bay
The ceiling height should be 12ft to 20ft.The ceiling height should be 20ft to 40ft.
An aluminum reflector is not requiredAn aluminum reflector is required
Areas of application – Grocery stores, exhibition halls, etc. Areas of application – Warehouses, hangars, factories, etc.

It is good to upgrade to bay lights as they are cost-effective and have low power utilization. 

The LED upgrades are much cheaper than the traditional lamps. In addition, these light fixtures come with a lifespan starting from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours. 

The LED high bays reduce the electricity bills by half. The lights also come with standard DLC certification, which makes them rebate eligible in the United States. 

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