Mobile Billboards: The New Era of Advertising

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In recent times, mobile billboards have become an effective way to advertise and reach the masses. The mobile billboards have become an essential vehicle for any media planning? Let’s first understand what are mobile billboards and their advantages? 

Mobile advertising is a medium of marketing technique where the ad gets placed on a moving vehicle (car, side of truck trailer) for better exposure. Mobile advertisement is quickly noticed and remains in the memory of the individual for a long time. Therefore, they are more effective and flexible than traditional advertising.

A research study has shown that outdoor advertisement is the m ore effective medium to reach the targetted audience. The size does matter when it comes to better advertising exposure. If the height of the billboard is 10 feet and the width is 20 feet, even in motion, the message will not be missed by the targetted audience.


Mobile billboards play nice with digital technology. The mobile billboard with effective LED lights for signs creates a remarkable effect on the right audience. The credibility of the mobile billboards endorses the message it carries. The mobile ad should be precise and can communicate with the right kind of audience. 

Types of mobile billboards

Mobile billboards are an effective way to reach places and the target audience. They do not get quickly cluttered by other advertising means to put the communication among high traffic areas. The people see the content of the urban regions, which increases the profit margin of the brand name. Let’s discuss the mediums used for mobile billboards. 

Trucks – Here, the mobile billboard gets placed on both or three sides of the truck. The trucks are primarily used for logistics purposes. The advertisements are created with vinyl materials and pasted on the trucks. 

Vehicle wraps – They are mainly used for smaller vehicles. Either the advertisement is painted directly or printed on vinyl sheets and then gets pasted on the vehicle. 

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Trailer ads – They are thin mobile billboards that are usually behind pick-ups and long haulers. The trailer ads are most effective in the nighttime and are accompanied by LED lights. The trailers come with ample space for multiple ad usage. The ads are more versatile and can be mounted or removed according to the agency’s requirements.
Digital mobile billboards – The use of LED screens on moving vehicles is known as digital billboards. The medium allows multiple ads to be relayed throughout the day.

Effectiveness of mobile billboards

According to the truck association (America), mobile billboards are noticed by 98% of the people who use personal vehicles. 

According to a study performed by an APN agency, exposure to the message once the audience gets engaged with the transmission, the brain starts encoding the message. 

The target audience is critical because the right crowd getting targetted by the correct message results in high-quality impressions. 

Mobile billboards on vehicles with professional drivers moving around the city keeps the brand message intact. 

It’s a great technique to move out of the traditional medium of TV and radio advertisements. 

Why invest in mobile billboards?

The message reaches the target audience and retains it for a long time.

Extensive visibility by eye level. It’s a fully dedicated medium to spotlight your brand and connect with the people.

The brand can engage countrywide market campaigning of the message.

Dedicated advertising medium for the brand name.

It’s a cost-effective solution that utilizes LED technology and has a broad reach. 

The compatibility of digital media makes the ads more effective and attractive. 

Quality conversion rates are noticed when the ads get open to the masses.

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