Parking Lots With LED lights: Steps for Upgrade

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Times have changed a lot, and you can’t be slow in your business model. It is essential to support your employees and customer with efficient lighting. Choosing LED lights for your exteriors can be a challenging task, but it is advantageous. Small businesses can save a lot by switching to LED lights. Let’s understand the steps to be taken while installing LED lights for your exteriors. 

Step 1 – Conduct an energy audit: According to Businesswire, the US Markets have projected a growth of USD 7.93 billion by the end of the year 2022

An energy audit is required to identify the current utility costs and getting opportunities for savings. One needs to gather the facts for the current expenses to reduce the annual energy costs in the future. In addition, an energy audit helps you to determine the right upgrades for your premises. 

 Step 2 – Identify the exterior premises which require lighting: Chalk out a plan and review to discover the potential savings. For example, what is the total size of the parking lot? How many are LED pole lights required for illumination? 

The first step is to prepare a plan and prepare a design process for the parking lot area. 


Step 3 – Determining the dimming capability: Do your business establishment runs late in the night? Does the premises are open for longer hours? Then, dimming sensors must be installed with the LED parking lot lights as they can be switched off automatically when there is no one present inside the premises. 

Lesser is the brightness; the energy consumption also gets lower, which reduces the utility bills. 

Step 4 – Research your area: Different cities have different lighting requirements. It’s essential to have information about the illumination compliances of your location. Talk to the local authorities to find out the lighting requirements.

The height of the poles is the most crucial part of both urban and rural areas. First, talk with your light professional and determine how many light fixtures are required to illuminate your premises. Then, double-check with him if the poles were correctly installed with better illumination capacity. 

Step 5 – Research if you want to install solar-powered pole lights on your premises: Take some time to research the advantages of solar-powered LED pole lights for your premises. 

The installation cost will be less, and there will be more power savings for your business establishment. 

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