Perfect Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Better Illumination

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Kitchens require the perfect balance of lighting to help you achieve the day’s tasks. Kitchen lighting is also crucial, just like a balanced healthy breakfast.

The kitchen is used for too many things, from list-making to homework to meal preparation and cooking. And the accurate lighting mix with under-cabinet LEDs, island-highlighting pendants, and Kitchen Recessed Lighting will ensure it’s perfect for everyday uses.

We have compiled a guide to modern kitchen lighting designs for an effective lighting experience.  

1. Ambient:

This provides overall lighting for a kitchen as it is the primary light source. You can use the combination of various lighting fixtures to cast an excellent amount of light from your ceiling. Some of the kitchen ceiling light fixtures you can use to do it are pendant lights, flush-mount, chandelier lights, and recessed lighting.

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

2. Task:

Ambient lighting often leaves some shadows in areas that need more focus. You can perfectly illuminate cabinetry and work surfaces with the use of task lighting. This lighting can help you easily read recipes, find ingredients on a shelf, and prepare meals safely. The most common task lighting choices are pluck lights and strip lights.

Task Kitchen Lighting

3. Accent:

Consider these lighting fixtures to put on top of your modern kitchen: cabinet lights, toe kick lights, and other lights that may highlight your best elements. Sometimes they also cross over into task and ambient lighting.

accent kitchen lighting

Brighten Key Lighting Locations

Over Your Island: Ambient or Task Lighting

Choosing a light depends on whether you have a hanging space over your island or have an integrated workspace/cooktop.

For ambient counter seating islands, simple lighting as mini pendants is enough. The pendant lights should be installed 30-36 inches above the island and 30-32 inches apart for better illumination.

But task lighting is mainly used for recipe reading and food preparation, so try mixing hanging lights and recessed LED downlights.

Under-Cabinet Lighting: For Accents and Tasks

Ambient lighting is mainly used to produce lighting all over the kitchen but leaves shadows and dark spots under cabinets. The under-cabinet lights can solve this problem. Common LED under cabinet lighting includes:

Strip lights: This is great and versatile to illuminate a cabinet’s interior, mainly low cabinets that barely receive ambient light. LED strip lights also help in illuminating complete cabinet spaces.

Puck Lights: Oval and round LED puck lights are perfect mood lights and can brighten up countertops in the form of a spot, pool, or scallop of light.

Improve your Lighting Kitchen Design by Adding Accent Lighting

Highlight your favorite elements with the perfect placement of accent lights. Most common kitchen accent lighting to consider:

Over cabinet: Placed between the ceiling and cabinets, over cabinet lighting dramatically affects your kitchen. Designed similarly to LED under cabinet lighting, it can provide better lighting to accent architecture and decor.

Recessed: This is mainly used to illuminate locations of visual interest, such as glass cabinets and open shelves. This type of lighting can go anywhere.

Toekick Lights: Toe lighting is created via LED tape or rope lights. This is a great way to differentiate kitchens and brighten a pathway.

Focus on the suitable layer of lighting to illuminate most of the kitchen space and enjoy breakfast to midnight snacks there.


There are various kinds of lighting available that can be used to illuminate your kitchen area perfectly without leaving shadows and dark spots. We have covered all kitchen lighting designs, such as ambient, task, and accent lighting, which can light up your kitchen to fulfill your needs. However, always use LED lighting fixtures for better lighting performance, life, and energy efficiency. If you are still confused about lighting after this guide, you should contact professionals for more kitchen lighting ideas.

30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light, Under Counter Closet Lighting


This 30-lamp bead-led closet light has a revolutionary design and production technique. On the side, the LED lamp emits light. Through the reflector, light is refracted to the light guide plate and then uniformly spread on the lamp surface via the diffuser plate. This light is brighter (up to 200 lumens), but it does not glare and is rather soft. Aluminum alloy is used to make this USB rechargeable led under cabinet lights.

Magnet Built-in to Stick to Any Ironwork: This wireless motion sensor closet light may be used to adhere to any ironwork, or you can use the accompanying adhesive tape and iron sheet to adhere to any non-iron surface. You may turn off the closet light whenever you need to charge or change places.

Under Cabinet Lighting Closet Light 20 LEDs, Wireless Rechargeable Cabinet Lights 3 Packs

Under Cabinet Lighting Closet Light 20 LEDs 3 Packs, Wireless Rechargeable Cabinet Lights, Magnetic Under Counter Lighting

Upgraded Version & More Bright Sensor Closet Light- With 20 LEDs(Not 10)for each light, up to 160 lumens. This is a very bright LED closet that you can use in large spaces where there’s no lighting system like the cabinet or wardrobe! It has HIBOITEC motion sensor capabilities which means it’ll turn itself off when not needed – this makes perfect sense considering how many people leave their lights on all day long while they’re gone but don’t want someone else using them without permission; their fore we recommend buying one of these types of situations apply.

HIBOITEC’s automatic light switch allows you to free your hands and never miss an important moment again. The motion sensor mode will turn on the fluoro-cans when it detects human activity within 10 feet, while off gives 20 seconds before turning back off automatically in order for us humans do not to forget our own existence!

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights with Remote & Batteries 6 Pack

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights 6 Pack with Remote & Batteries | Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lighting

INCLUDES MOUNTING TAPE, SCREWS, AND BATTERIES – With the high duty sticky tape or screws, you can quickly install your new Brilliant Evolution lights (both options included). These battery-operated wireless puck lights are ideal for use in any part of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, garage, and bedroom.

Turn the lights on and off, change the brightness to any level, and set the auto-off timer with the wireless remote.

LAFULIT Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 8 PCS, Stick on Lights

LAFULIT 8 PCS Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Stick on Lights, Flexible Led Strip Lights with RF Remote and Power Adapter

There are 8 20-inch light strips, 4 5.9-inch connections, and 4 2.8-inch connectors available, with a variety of connection choices. 8 connectors are designed to bend and fold around corners and may be freely combined to span various gaps.

2700k warm white, very bright, 6 brightness settings; easily change brightness with the RF remote or dimmer.

Under Cabinet Lights with Battery Operated Wireless Remote Control

Under Cabinet Lighting Battery Operated Wireless Remote Control 20-LED Closet Lights Kitchen Counter Light Bar Stick on for Wardrobe

These are also 20 LEDs with a light output of 120 lumens. On/off, dimming and timing, and changing the color (warm and cool white, mixed color) are all options. It provides auxiliary lighting in places where bulbs are difficult to install and eliminates the hassle of screwing cables into place. No hammers, drills, or tools are required, and installation and removal are simple.


Mini dimension ( inch), easy to carry, easy to install and disassemble, can be timed, dimmable, 3 color temperatures to meet your environmental needs, only single press P/W button to switch color if numerous lights light up with different color, long press P/W button to sync light’s color.

WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit, LED Strip Lights with Remote Control, 6 PCS

WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit, 6 PCS LED Strip Lights with Remote Control Dimmer and Adapter, Dimmable for Kitchen Cabinet,Counter

6 PCS pre-cut strips, total length 9.8ft, multiple connection options, and an excellent solution to update cabinets, closets, desks, TV backs, bookshelves, beds, wardrobes, display cases, and more

Super Bright & Brightness Adjustable: Super bright LED cabinet lights to produce a total of 1500 lumens and are equipped with an RF dimmer for brightness control. The CRI of LEDs is greater than 82, resulting in high-quality lighting.

Motion Sensor Cabinet Light 2500mAh Rechargeable, 2 Packs

Motion Sensor Cabinet Light 2500mAh 2 Packs Rechargeable 54LED Under Counter Closet Lighting

54 LEDs, 350lm & More Bright Sensor Closet Light- This light is comparable to a 108 LEDs light on the market, very easy to find what you’re searching for, and great to light up a vast space where there is no light system, such as the cabinet, wardrobe, stairs, and so on. For you, the HIBOITEC motion sensor light is the finest option.

Motion & Light Sensor Mode, Always On and Off Mode- HIBOITEC cabinet light has two working modes, Motion & Light Sensor Mode and Always-On and Off Mode. This counter light automatically turns on when it detects human motion within 10 feet in a dark setting and switches off after 20 seconds of inactivity in G mode. These lights can be used as either standard or safety lighting.

LED Closet Light, 24-LED Dimmer Rechargeable Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Closet Light, 24-LED Dimmer Rechargeable Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting Wireless Stick-Anywhere Night Light with Remote for Wardrobe

SUPER BRIGHT UNDER COUNTER LIGHTS- These motion sensor cabinet lights have 24 Pure White 150LM (3 Lights in 1 Pack) & energy-saving LEDs, providing brightness and comfort to illuminate dark regions, ensuring that you never trip in the dark. It can detect human movements and switch on automatically in the dark or during the daytime using passive infrared technology (PIR). Sensor range: 120°, 10ft/3m, auto-off after 20 seconds if no motion is detected, Energy-saving to the max!

Remote control is included with these under cabinet lights. There are two ways to change the brightness: 2 Step-less, 150 percent brightness. Pressing the “+/-” button on the remote control to dim the lights. It also features a timer that can be set to 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. You may also use the built-in button switch to turn on and off this night light bar.

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Stick-On Light, Under Cabinet Lights Battery Operated

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Stick On Light, Under Cabinet Lights Battery Operated, Under The Counter Lights for Kitchen, Under Counter Light, Closet Lights

With MOUNTING TAPE AND SCREWS – With the high duty sticky tape or screws, you can quickly install your new Brilliant Evolution bar light (both options included). The battery-operated wireless LED light is therefore ideal for any room in your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, closet, office, garage, and bedroom.

TAP LIGHT WITH ON/OFF BUTTON – This under-counter light is touch-sensitive, allowing you to turn it on and off by merely touching the lens.

LED Closet Light Motion Activated, Under Cabinet Lights

LED Closet Light Motion Activated, Under Cabinet Lights, VYANLIGHT Motion Sensor LED Lights, Stick-on Anywhere Battery Operated 10 LED Motion Sensor Night Light for Closet

AUTOMATIC MOTION SENSOR: detects human motion using passive infrared technology (PIR) and turns on automatically in the dark. The sensor range on these Motion Sensor Closet Lights is 9 feet. When there is no motion for 20 seconds or if other light sources are detected, it switches off automatically. WORKS ONLY IN THE DARK – The light sensor detects other lights and will not turn on if it is turned on in the light.

EASY TO INSTALL: The magnetic strip on these Home life led bars motion sensor lights has an adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation. The LED cabinet lights are simply detachable and replaceable, thanks to the magnetic strip. There are no tools, screws, or nuts required. It can be mounted on any flat, dry, and clean surface.

Ensenior 4 Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box – 12 Pack

Ensenior 12 Pack 4 Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box, 5000K Daylight, 9W 75W Eqv, Dimmable Can-Killer Downlight, 750LM High Brightness

The canless LED recessed light is perfect for those who have limited ceiling space. It only requires 2″ of depth, and its IC rated means it has protection against contact with insulation in your ceilings, meaning the junction box will stay cool even during hot summer days! This sleek design also allows you more options when installing these lights- there’s no limit on what type or size joists can be used since they’re completely open underneath, so any size lumber is fine, too (just make sure not to miss out).

The new generation of LED chips is faster and produces more light than ever before. The 4″ slim lights use these high-quality pieces to give you a brighter glow, with an average lifespan that lasts up to 75W Incandescent lamps! This means savings on energy costs of 88%.

Amico 6 Inch 3CCT Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box – 12 Pack

Amico 12 Pack 6 Inch 3CCT Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box, 3000K/4000K/5000K Selectable, 12W Eqv 100W, Dimmable LED Can Lights

It’s no need to worry about what color temperature you buy from the get-go. You can choose between 3000K, 4000k, 5000 K, or three different temperatures that are perfect for any situation!

The junction box of Amico’s canless LED recessed light is thermally insulated because it is IC rated, which means it can be in touch with ceiling insulation. It simply requires 2-inch ceiling spacing and fits a variety of ceilings and joists. It won’t catch fire in the roof or the joist space above it.

Sunco Lighting 6 Inch Ultra Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Lights Slim – 24 Pack

Sunco Lighting 24 Pack 6 Inch Ultra Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Lights Slim, 5000K Daylight, Dimmable 14W=100W, 850 LM, Smooth Trim Damp Rated, Canless Wafer Thin with Junction Box

Slim downlights from Sunco are IC certified, which means they’re thermally protected and won’t overheat or burn insulation in the roof or overhead joist area. In addition, direct contact with ceiling insulation is safe for both the lamp and its connection box.

Our damp-rated LED Slim Downlights have a connection box, eliminating the need for a can. This 6-inch Wafer Thin Slim goes together quickly. First, cut a hole in the ceiling to the desired size, then fold the spring-loaded brackets into the hole while pushing up. Spring-loaded brackets are suitable for ceilings, including double drywall, single drywall, and soffit.

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