Pitfalls to Avoid While Selecting LED Lights for Hotel Business

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Proper lighting is the most substantial aspect of any hospitality business, whether in the state or internationally. The correction luminaire impresses the clients and creates a luxurious ambiance for the guests. 

The best advice is to avoid mistakes that can ruin your business profits. Instead, continually learn about the hospitality industry and the guest’s expectations. Seek the help of a lighting expert and check for issues that repeatedly arrive on your property. Lighting might be a simple concept but plays an important role when it comes to the hospitality industry.

Let’s now discuss the common illumination mistakes the hotel managers or the premise owners make. 

Customize the lighting

Every light and fixture to treated as an entity of its own. Every lamp and fixture requires a separate switch and dimmer for individual oversight. The lighting requirements cannot be the same throughout the day and might change according to the guest’s needs. 

Set to automatic settings for better performance and power consumption. The automatic dimming function sets as per the mood of the visitor.

Consult a lighting expert 

Different hotel spaces such as the entryway or the lobby area and rooms require different kinds of lighting. Therefore, various lighting fixtures with different lumens capacities and color temperatures create a luxurious ambiance for the hotel premises.

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The light specialist will review your lighting plans and select the best fixtures for your hotel business. The light expert will also consider the furniture placement and needed lighting fixtures for the specific location. 

Incorrect light modes

Every hotel room serves a different purpose, whether it’s the palatial suite or the restaurant section. Hotel lighting fixtures make sure the right kind of bright lighting that an area needs. 


For example, the hotel lobby requires sufficient lighting for guest requirements and the function of the hotel staff. For places like hallways and corridors, you need less intense ambient lighting. Prepare a plan and select the LED fixtures wisely when someone is revamping their hotel premises.

Size requirements

Size is the most critical aspect which often gets overlooked when redesigning your hotel space. A particular lighting fixture creates a trendy look inside the hotel interiors.

Small fixtures dampen the design element of a large room while oversized fixtures seek all the room’s attention; they are installed. Therefore, you need to plan your lights according to the needs of the area. Poor lighting designs and improper fixture sizes influence the area’s brightness needs. 

Layers of lighting

Too much brightness or little brightness can make the staff and the guests uncomfortable. Therefore, the light planners or the hotel managers need to implement layers of lighting – Ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is the general lighting of the whole room and sufficient for essential activities. 

Accent lighting comes in the form of wall sconces and table lamps. The fixtures are needed to deliver vertical illumination over spaces. 

Task lights are light fixtures needed for specific areas like desk lamps, etc. They are strategically placed to create an opulent atmosphere inside the hotel space for guest comfort.

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