How Can Hotels Save On Energy Costs?

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One of the fastest-growing costs in the hotel industry is energy. From the moment they pull into the parking lot or garage to the moment they step into the lobby, lighting can make or break a guest’s experience. Unfortunately, guests are the top energy consumers when it comes to hotel lighting, yet they are unconcerned … Read more

5 Key Points for Enhancing Hotel Lighting of Your Property

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Hotels exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, from intimate boutique retreats to opulent five-star resorts. Hotel lighting is a critical part of any hotel’s decor, regardless of design type. Poor lighting can negatively impact a guest’s perception of your hotel, resulting in a less-than-satisfying stay. Why Choosing the Right Hotel Lighting is Critical? … Read more

Pitfalls to Avoid While Selecting LED Lights for Hotel Business

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Proper lighting is the most substantial aspect of any hospitality business, whether in the state or internationally. The correction luminaire impresses the clients and creates a luxurious ambiance for the guests.  The best advice is to avoid mistakes that can ruin your business profits. Instead, continually learn about the hospitality industry and the guest’s expectations. … Read more