How to Convert 8ft Fluorescent Shop Lights to LED

How to Convert 8ft Fluorescent Shop Lights to LED

Are you still using energy-consuming Fluorescent Shop Lights? You might be working in dark or dim areas, straining your eyes to see things while working. But it is not suitable for your health, and it can lead to mishaps. Working in shops with low lighting might not be safe for your employees and customers. How … Read more

The 6 Best LED Lights in The USA

led panel lights for office lighting

LED lights are becoming more popular every year. And with good reason too! They have so many advantages over other types of lighting, including being more energy efficient and emitting a warmer light that is better for your eyes. But which LED lights are the best? We’ve researched the 5 best-led lights in the USA … Read more

White or Yellow Light: Which Tube Light is Best for Eyes?

white light vs yellow light

The LED lights are generally categorized in two different classes according to the color of the light. Some people choose yellow lighting for reading and study purposes, while others prefer white. The vital question which arises is which color influences your mood and concentration. The LED tube lights color having a color temperature of 3000K … Read more

The Best Tips for Buying LED Tube Lights

t8 led tube lights

The LED tubes have overtaken the conventional fluorescent tubes as they are highly efficient and produce less heat than the older ones. As a result, the T8s are the most popular option available for customers. They are both used for indoor and outdoor illumination. Let’s now discuss the benefits associated with the T8 LED bulbs.  … Read more

Conversion of Fluorescent Lights to LED Luminaires

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LED luminaires are the best technological advancement available for consumers right now. Replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED offers various benefits from the utility companies and the State Departments. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights are durable and enjoy a prolonged lifespan due to efficient power consumption. Research studies have shown the advantages of … Read more