Guide to Buying Bathroom Lighting

Guide to Buying Bathroom Lighting

Whether it’s your bedroom or dining room, lighting plays an important role. But bathroom lighting is one of the most important factors. There are various fixtures available for bathroom lighting that work together to form an excellent lighting solution. You can also use bathroom lighting fixtures over mirrors. Follow this guide to select effective bathroom … Read more

LED Mirrors: A Brief Introduction

led vanity mirrors for bathroom

LED vanity mirrors have grown to be everyone’s favorite bathroom fixture in recent times. They are a great addition to make your interiors look ravishing. Moreover, they provide an illuminated gateway to you to see your reflection. So, consider adding them to your indoors but, know about the basics before purchasing LED mirrors. What are … Read more

Features of LED Backlit Mirrors

led backlit mirrors

Having a functional, well-lit bathroom that inspires peace and relaxation will positively affect your mental health. But there is a question regarding backlit mirrors. Do they provide enough brightness? The answer is yes; LED mirrors do offer bright illumination for your grooming tasks. The LED lights are placed behind the mirrors to provide ample illumination … Read more

The Ultimate Guide on How to Hang a Mirror

How to Buy a Mirror

A mirror is a great way to add visual interest and playfulness to your home. LED Lights Fact has created this guide that will help you choose, buy, hang mirrors so they’re perfect for any room of the house! For starters: 1) Pick three different locations where you’d like us to place it or just … Read more

A Guide to LED Vanity Mirrors: Manufacturing and Usage

bathroom vanity mirror with lights

Choosing a new mirror as necessary as lighting plays a significant role inside your bathroom space. LED bathroom mirrors are an essential part of your day-to-day grooming tasks. The modern illuminated bathroom mirrors come in various designs and shapes with power-efficient brightness and low-cost maintenance.  The frontal brightness of the LED light delivers a clear … Read more

How Can You Make Your Bathroom Space More refined?

vanity mirror with lights

LED Light fixtures are often overlooked when you are planning to upgrade your bathroom space.  Opting for LED vanity mirrors can transform your bathroom space into a heavenly abode. Proper brightness inside your bathroom promotes positivity and rejuvenation at the same time.  Good LED mirrors make the bathroom space more spacious, and high-quality LED lights … Read more

Everything You Want to Know About Backlit Mirrors

backlit bathroom mirror

Backlit mirrors are the most popular mirrors in the vanity range. They are mostly installed inside the bathrooms, and the LED light is present on the backside of the vanity mirror. The subtle light makes it easy to deliver the brightness required for most grooming tasks like shaving or applying make-up. Whenever you are planning … Read more

LED Vanity Mirrors – Simple Installation Guide

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The LED vanity mirror is a crucial design factor of any household. Unfortunately, standard mirrors do not have any chance against the moisture present inside the bathroom area and do not provide adequate visibility for precision grooming tasks.  Bathroom mirrors with LED lights deliver a bright reflection to the individual and eliminate the creation of … Read more