The Best Tips for Buying LED Tube Lights

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The LED tubes have overtaken the conventional fluorescent tubes as they are highly efficient and produce less heat than the older ones. As a result, the T8s are the most popular option available for customers. They are both used for indoor and outdoor illumination. Let’s now discuss the benefits associated with the T8 LED bulbs. 

Revenue for the long run – The cost given for the LED lights might be high when purchased, but do consider the benefits associated with them. You are likely to earn profits due to these LED fixtures’ longer lifespan and reduced power usage. 

Color temperature – If you upgrade to LED T8s, the appropriate color temperature is between 2400K to 6500K. The most suitable color temperature for hospitals and offices is 6000K. The CCT 4000K is ideal for supermarkets and showrooms. 

Lumens check – The fixture’s brightness is determined by the number of lumens present in the LED tubes. Unfortunately, the incandescent bulbs draw 5 times more power than the LED tubes, and there is lumen deterioration due to continuous usage. In contrast, LED tubes can function for more than 50,000 hours.

led tube light for indoor lighting

Temperature – As you can see, LED tubes are much more relaxed than their traditional counterparts (incandescent bulbs). Due to a heat sink inside the fixture, the LED tubes generate less heat. 

Low maintenance – LED tubes need the least amount of care compared to incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. The maintenance requirement is more petite, and you just need to plug in and enjoy the illumination. The best part about LED tubes is retrofitting. 

Smart switch compatibility – Smart apartments and housing complexes will demand compatibility with the LED tubes in the future. Smart compatibilities will decrease power usage and reduce your utility bills by 50%. There are many benefits associated with the LED tubes, so consider them before purchasing T8 LED tube lights

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