Tips to Install LED Strip Lights

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The popularity of LED strip lights has recently increased a lot.  The flexible strip lights are used in various industrial, commercial, and residential projects all over the world. In addition, many Architects and Lighting Designers favor LED strip lighting due to color options and efficiency. 

The lights can be used as truck lights, couch lights, and home decorations for the festival season. The LED tape lights are the most popular option available for the festive season. The flexibility and additional accessories make these lights a perfect choice for household areas and commercial spaces.

How to make use of LED tape lights?

LED strip lights, also known as RGB LED strip lights, are known for their size and flexibility. They are easy to use in a variety of situations. In addition, they can be cut into uniform pieces thanks to the cut lines along the strips. 

First of all, measure the area where you want to install the LED strip lights. The LED strip lights are available in ready-made kits. Next, measure the space where you want to install the lights.

You need to have a suitable power source to run the lights. All LED lights have a 12V transformer/driver for better power utilization. They are either plugged into wall sockets or gets connected directly to the mains. Make sure there is enough distance between the LED strip lights and the power source. 

The LED strip lights also come with adhesive tapes behind them to be attached to the surface where you want to place them.   

At the end comes the power requirement for the LED strip lights. The power requirement is mentioned in watts/meters. The driver present in the LED strip lights needs to handle the power load. Multiply the number of wattages by the length of the LED strip light.

Ideas for LED strip lights

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Wall lighting – LED wall lighting is the best option for enhancing your in-house designs. They are divided into three parts.

  • Recessed – This type of lighting delivers diffused brightness in the interiors of the house and office spaces. They create a sophisticated look after installation.
  • Surface-mounted – The lights are either mounted or pasted on the surface of the wall. These types of lights bring unfiltered brightness to your space. 
  • Decorative – Give freedom to your creativity and design your workplace or home with LED strip lights. They are easy to install and the best to create art pieces for your interiors. 

Swimming pool LED strip lights – While exploring the lighting options for your poolside, you sometimes come under restrictions such as safety and durability.

LED strip lights with a protective waterproof coating are the best options for the beautification of your swimming pool area. 

The standard IP rating of waterproof LED strip lights is 65. In addition, the transparent silicone gel present inside the fixture saves the LED lights from accidental water splashes and moisture. 

The best choice for pool lighting is installing LED lights having IP 68 ratings. They have a robust build and can be submerged. Try to keep the drivers away from the wet location.

LED strip lights for kitchen cabinets – The cooking space is an essential area of any household. The area needs to be tastefully brightened to create a welcoming feeling for the homeowners and the guests. 

There are many creative ways to design the kitchen area. The strip lights are compact and energy-efficient. Use the neon tape lighting for the kitchen space to deliver a diffused look.

You can use the strip lights inside and outside of the kitchen cabinets. The use of strip lights can also enhance the beauty of the kitchen counters. 

The under cabinet lighting is also an essential part of enhancing the kitchen decor. The strip lights are functional as they create more lights on the worktops and make the space aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the strip lights have an adhesive backing, so you don’t need to purchase additional installation mounts. 

Cool bright LED strip lights are the best single color LED strip lights inside the kitchen space as they are clear and bright. Try to explore the possibilities of a dimmer option for better power consumption. The lights have IP 65 rating for better protection and prevention against short circuits.

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