5 Best TV Stand With LED Lights

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With the best TV stands here for you, your living room or bedroom will never be without an elegant and stylish display. Not only does it offer space along with additional storage but also improves how interiors look- why wouldn’t we want that? So take time out of today to find one from our selection below!

TV Size

When shopping for a TV stand, you must know the size of your television. If you plan to put up with one big screen or multiple smaller ones around town, this information won’t matter as much, but if 65 inches is all there was in terms of room left at home, forget about trying to find anything suitable!

Number of Drawers

TV stands are often used to store all sorts of audio-visual devices, so it’s important that the number and type (if available)of drawers is accessible. Some TV Stands only offer one drawer while others come with two – this will depend on what you need!

LED Lighting

With the right TV stand, you can make sure that your home’s style is not just functional but also modern and stylish. The options I’ve listed here have inbuilt lighting with 15-20 color selections to choose from as well various modes like dimming or changing colors based on time of day! You might even get a remote controller for adjusting this LED panel if needed – it all depends on what fits best according.

Mecor Modern LED Black TV Stand,12 Colors LED TV Stand

Mecor Modern LED Black TV Stand,12 Colors LED TV Stand with Remote Control Lights,High Gloss TV Cabinet with Storage&2 Drawers,65 Inch Entertainment

The black and white television stand is a sleek addition to any room. The glossy finish on the surface provides an elegant look while also making it easy for you clean with just some dust cloth or vacuum cleaner!

This TV stand not only has a cool LED lighting system, but it can also hold up to 65-inch screens!

The TV unit is made for those who need a lot of storage, with two large drawers and open shelves. Keep all your electronic essentials in one place!

When it comes to modern TV stands, the company is generous and provides us with a white gloss finish design. This takes extra time in the manufacturing process, which ensures that their consoles are superior as well as graceful.

The dimensions of this 63″ wide, 17.7 inches high, and 13?” deep chest are perfect for storing all your clutter-free goods with plenty leftover! You’ll be able to find anything you need in no time thanks to its three baskets (1 large & 2 small) that can hold up 720 pounds combined – so give us a call if there’s something on their bounty list because we’ve got what it takes 😉

WLIVE Modern LED TV Stand for 60/65/70 Inch TVs with Color Change Lighting

WLIVE Modern LED TV Stand for 60/65/70 Inch TVs with Color Change Lighting, Universal Entertainment Center for Video Gaming, Movies

This is the perfect item if you are looking for a stylish and modern TV stand that offers built-in LED lighting with 20 colors, 22 modes, five adjustable brightness levels, ten flicker frequencies. The Stylish design will enhance your living room while giving it an elegant touch of style!

The large-capacity drawer storage of this black LED TV stand will keep your video games, movies, and more in perfect condition. The two big drawers are great for storing all sorts of accessories like remote controls or decorations!

Our TV stand is perfect for displaying your items with a glass shelf and elegant design. The smooth edges make grip easy, while the rounded corners ensure that nothing will get scratched by its sturdy construction!

The most simple and easy-to-use remote for your home theater system! With the universal TV stand, you can adjust lighting brightness or color from anywhere 15 meters away, whether while watching a movie with friends on Sunday afternoon – no need to check up devices all over again because this one does everything necessary automatically.

WLIVE’s wide range of TV stands ensures that your expensive technology will be safe and sound, no matter what size screen you have. From 55″ all the way up to 70 inches LED TVs or even LCD screens at 80cm tall without any distortion whatsoever – Wlive has got a stand for everyone!

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 63″ W x 14″ D x 18″ H

There’s a transparent film on the high gloss board to protect from scratches. Please tear it off and enjoy your shiny new TV cabinet!

Modern TV Stand – Home TV Cabinet with Clolorful Lights

Modern TV Stand - Home TV Cabinet with Clolorful Lights and Storage Drawer

The modern style TV stand is an excellent way to display your flat-screen television in any room. The sleek design will seamlessly integrate with both contemporary and traditional home decorating styles while also being suitable for putting on desks or shelves underneath cabinets – so you can enjoy all its benefits from anywhere!


The entertainment center of the TV console has a large drawer and open shelves, which can provide enough storage space for your game consoles. It’s also an excellent device to organize wires or cords neatly in one place!

This LED TV stand is made of solid wood with neat lines and a hard appearance. A maximum 60″ inch television can be installed, along dimensions: 51cm x 1772 mm x 1378 mm. the cabinet design consumes extra energy during the manufacturing process, thus ensuring an elegant living room table that will last for years to come!

The large glossy finish design of this modern TV stand is both elegant and luxurious. The high-gloss acrylic board LED lighting on all sides makes it easy to clean with a soft cloth or remote control!

The TV stand we designed is easy to install and requires little help from you. With our 25-minute installation time frame, all of your friends will think that installing this beauty took hours! Our standard mounting hardware makes sure everything goes smoothly with no hassle on either end – let’s get started right now!”

Generic Entertainment Center LED TV Stand for 65 inch TV

Generic Entertainment Center LED TV Stand for 65 inch TV, Black Modern Television Stands 57 INCH TV Console Table

Storage space is limited in a small apartment, so it’s important to find creative ways of using your living room as an extra closet. With the right furniture and accessories, you can transform any square foot into something special without sacrificing comfort or function!

This table is made of high-grade particle board material with a smooth finish that promises long service life. It also has certified tempered glass countertops, strong impact resistance, and can withstand up to 250 lbs., making it easier for you (the user) as well!

Opening glass transparencies can be used to expand the space layout and place it as you like, which also has an effect on window display cabinets.

The TV stand with led RGB lighting is a must-have for your home theater. With 16 adjustable colors and special effects, you can remotely adjust the equivalent through the remote control to match any viewing environment!

You can buy with confidence using the easy-to-follow assembly instructions in this package. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re always here for your convenience and will do everything possible so that every customer feels satisfied.

Compatible devices: Televisions

Bonzy Home Glossy LED TV Stand, Black TV Stand with LED RGB Lights

Bonzy Home Glossy LED TV Stand, Black TV Stand with LED RGB Lights, Wood Media Storage Console for 65 Inch TV, Flat Screen TV Cabinet, Gaming Consoles

Modern style TV stands are great for adding something different to your living room. This black one will fit right into any home decor, and it’s a perfect size, so you can use it in a bedroom or lounge area too!

This entertainment center of the TV cabinet features two large drawers and open shelves, which provide plenty of storage space for your gaming consoles. You can easily organize wires or cords with this great piece!

With a sturdy and solid material, this LED TV stand has neat lines and a hard appearance. It can fit up to 65-inch screens with dimensions of 63″ W x 18″ Hx14″. The craftsmanship that goes into making these pieces is time-consuming, but it’s worth every second because you get an accent table for your living room or bedroom made from the finest wood!

The perfect addition to any living space, this TV stand is both functional and stylish. The High-Quality MDF Board + Glossy Arc are beautifully joined with colorful LED lights that can be controlled by remote or switch for your convenience!

We know that when you buy from us, your satisfaction is assured. So if at any time during the life cycle of this product- whether it be within 24 hours or after a year has passed -if there’s something wrong with what was delivered (maybe an accessory missing) don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team who will provide fast & friendly assistance in resolving whatever issue came up!

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