Ultimate Guide to Upgrade into LED Canopy Lights

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Overhead lighting in outdoors is necessary for the peace and security of your employees and customers. However, suppose your overhang, parking garage, breezeway, or canopy lighting, was installed a couple of years ago. In that case, you might be using metal halide or fluorescent lights with higher maintenance and electricity requirements. This is the reason for the high electricity bill, increasing your overall business expense. You can save these costs, particularly in the long term, by switching your HPS, fluorescent, and metal halide energy-suckers to low energy consumption, long-lasting LED canopy lights. By using LED lights, you will see cost reductions upto 75% on outdoor overhead lighting. 

The increase in operating life means less frequent maintenance— another cost savings, especially for high above-the-ground lighting as they are hard to reach. LED canopy lights are the best upgrade for outdoor overhead lighting. Here are the main reasons why you should upgrade to canopy lighting.

Why upgrade to LED canopy lighting?


Canopy lighting fixtures are primarily used in car washes, parking garages, loading docks, pavilions and gas stations, other outdoor covered locations. Traditional metal halide lights are for low ceilings and are higher energy-consuming. However, LED canopy lights consume low energy, saving huge costs on energy bills. In addition, unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights don’t require frequent maintenance and have a longer life which saves the initial investment cost.    


Those metal hides and traditional fluorescent lights need to be replaced frequently. It is not easy to maintain these lights as they are placed at a height, which makes it difficult to do maintenance during the business hour. Places like gas pumps, parking garages, and car wash areas are busy during most business areas- in other words, regular maintenance costs you money and business.  

Advantages of Using LED Canopy Lights

Some reasons to consider LED lights…..

-Huge savings on maintenance work and electricity bills 

-No need for frequent replacement of lights as LED lights has a longer lifespan

-Experience instant lighting throw

-No light degradation over the years or on winter days 

-Customers will remember you as the welcoming and bright place as good lighting makes them feel safe

You can experience this all by just switching to LED canopy lights.


The sooner you switch, the sooner you will save on light bills and the more you will delay before you even think you will have to pay maintenance costs. Moreover, the bright lights will give your employees and customers confidence that the business environment is safer. 

If you haven’t heard much about the LED, you may think that this LED lighting fixture is great for you but don’t know where to start and how to switch. We are gonna help you. Just read this below section to understand how to convert your lights to LED canopy lights. 

Some Ways To Transform Your Canopy Lights into LED Lights

Some Ways To Transform Your Canopy Lights into LED Lights

Use LED corn lights in your existing fixtures.

By using an LED corn lamp, you can convert any type of canopy fixture, which just replaces the existing bulb in your current fixtures. It requires an effortless and minimum amount of electrical work to remove the ballast of each fixture. This is the most least expensive and cost-effective option among the three ways. It’s only suitable for those fixtures that are in good condition with plenty of life and durability left. 

Installing LED retrofits fits in the existing canopy fixtures. 

You can easily convert your metal halide or any other type of bulb by just replacing the insides of your entire fixture with LED retrofit kits. If your fixture is in good condition and the lamp socket is degrading, these retrofit kits can increase the lifespan of your fixture by converting them into LED.

Replacement of the entire Fixture with an LED Canopy Light

The most common way is to replace each fixture with a new LED canopy light fixture. If your fixture is dated or aging, and whatever the issue is, you can just replace the whole fixture with an LED light fixture. Some people also replace it for better style upgrading, lighting performance, and cost-saving.  

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