Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Illumination With LED Parking Lot Lights

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Whenever someone visits a commercial site or business establishment, the parking lot is the first thing a visitor notices. Parking lots are supposed to be safe and brightly illuminated for visitors and vehicle owners. A research paper from the Lighting Research Center notes that LED parking lot lights have improved uniformity in light distribution for the parking lots and reduced power consumption to a suitable percentage.

A dull-looking parking lot generally drives away the potential customers and hampers the business profits. Proper lighting increases the safety of the premises and helps the vehicle owners navigate their vehicles safely in and out of the parking area. Dim brightness sends a wrong message to the visitors, so upgrade to LED pole lights for adequate illumination. For example, car dealerships need to be ahead of their competitors, and efficient lighting brings potential customers to the premises. In addition, LED lights keep the premises safe and thwart unwanted intruders. 

Why is there a need to upgrade to LED exterior lighting?

Many businesses and property owners have decided to upgrade their exteriors with LED lights. The first and foremost reason is the safety of the exteriors. LED pole lights deliver optimum brightness in the nighttime and keep the premises secured from unwanted visitors. In addition, the safety of the employees and customers is a must. Poor lighting can lead to robberies and vehicle accidents. LED parking lot lights cover a wide area and remove dark spots.

The second most important reason is the reduction in power consumption. It is the driving factor for businesses and commercial sites in recent times. Therefore, upgrade, and maintenance cannot be overlooked as it affects the annual budget of a business model. The correct LED product for your premises yields good profits and functions for a more extended period. 

How to create a perfect illumination plan?

Planning the layout of your exteriors is essential. Planning and preparation save you time and money. 


First of all, check with the inventory and list down what fixtures are available to you. The number of lights and the height of fixtures is most important. Also, check what kind of lights need to be installed according to the requirement of the premises. 

Remember, more light fixtures do not equate to efficient brightness. Try to know the approximate size of your exteriors. Lumens are the brightness indicators, and well-executed planning delivers efficient brightness to the exteriors in the nighttime.  

What are foot candles, and how do they work?

Foot candles are used to measure how much light is being put down on a surface. 

Be sure to take the help of a lighting professional to get the perfect lighting layout for your exteriors.

These professionals have the correct equipment to measure the light coming from a fixture in different ways. 

An excellent professional always knows the admissible requirements for preparing a perfect lighting layout. 

City standards

There are many reasons why businesses want to upgrade to LED lighting. Municipalities around the United States have different lighting standards in other states.

These standards start from covering the height of the light fixture and the lumen intensity required for each fixture. 

One needs to communicate with your local municipality and inform them about your planning layout and permission requirements. 

The review board of the municipality generally reviews your plan and provides the acceptance. 

For expert lighting professionals, working according to the plan is not that much difficult. They can also obtain some permissions from the municipality on your behalf. Planning is the best measure to avoid fines from the local city council. 

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